Wednesday, July 16, 2014

weekend wrap-up….

here i am doing a weekend wrap up at 11 am on a wednesday morning, but better late than never, right? ;-)
we had a busy, busy weekend with lots of highlights and a few obvious reminders of my age (ha!)….

1. if all else fails, get a milkshake. ;-)
liza stayed with my mom and dad on friday night while jeffrey and i went to a rehearsal dinner for my bff's wedding. liza is still nursing and isn't really keen on drinking milk from a sippy cup or bottle. i knew she'd be fine, but i believe my exact words were "if all else fails, get a milkshake." because honestly? sister loves her a chickfila milkshake. ha! 

2. my friend makes a beautiful bride. gorgeous bride. 
isn't she stunning?!  and the wedding was absolutely perfect. one of the most fabulous things i've ever been a part of. (and i totally stole these pics off of FB….sorry!) 

3. i'm pretty sure i was the only attendee who brought her own breast pump. 
oh, the joys of motherhood. ;) 

4. the weekend was a blast, but i am definitely not cut out for late nights. i am a total grandma. i was up wayyyyyyyy past my bedtime no one, but two nights in a row. whew! 

5. libbi and i went with my parents to see The Little Mermaid on sunday afternoon at The Fox. 
libbi was certain there would be a fox at the fox theater, but alas that was not the case. thank goodness.
we thoroughly enjoyed the show and it was fun for all of us! it's so neat that one of my childhood favorites is now one of libbi's, too! i get to enjoy it all over again and it's twice the fun, because i get to enjoy it through her eyes, too. 

6. i feel like i could use a honeymoon after last weekend - ha! but we're back to our 6:15/30am wakeup calls and nonstop fun all day. and i wouldn't trade it for the world. 

7. i'm pretty sure i've posted more pictures of myself in this one post than i have in the past year. it feels a bit awkward, but i guess since i wasn't with my girls for most of the weekend because of the wedding, all i have is pics of me! sorry y'all! i'll be back with cute pics of the girlies soon-
happy wednesday :) 

Friday, July 11, 2014

five on friday….

it's been a while since i've posted a "five on friday" … or really just posted in general. le blog has been a bit neglected as of late. oops. so here's a quick catchup with a random "Five on Friday"….

one week from today my BABY will turn one. 
how can that be?! 
it's been the fastest year of my life. 
we're going to have a sweet little family party to celebrate our precious liza girl! 

thighs. 'nuff said ;) 

we have a crazy busy weekend coming up, because one of my dearest friends is getting married! i am one of her matrons of honor and i seriously could not be more thrilled for her. it's going to be epic. :)
and libbi is 100% bummed that she won't get to witness the wedding. she's convinced that everyone will be wearing fancy dresses, dancing, and eating cake. oh… wait. that's EXACTLY what's going to be happening! sorry, libs! 

i took the girls to the movies this week and it was a success, if i do say so myself. my girls love Madagascar 3 (or "apple circus" as they call it - ha! they are positive that marty sings "apple circus" not "afro circus" during the movie, so they've just always referred to the movie as, "apple circus" and who am i to correct them?). anyway, apple circus was showing at the $1 movie, so i figured we'd give it a shot. if it didn't work out, we'd just be out a few dollars and the movie theater is IN the mall, so we could always just walk out and shop. win: win! :) 
but the girls did great! liza slept through most of it, laney only had to potty twice, and libbi belted out all the songs like it was her job. success! 
please excuse our dark movie theater selfie. :) 

speaking of laney's potty breaks, i have to mention that she has done AMAZINGLY well with potty training. she literally had three accidents the first morning, but once she had her first successful attempt, she hasn't looked back. not a single accident since that first morning over a week ago. we are so, SO proud of her! and she is even prouder of herself - ha! she was using the little potty (which is the grossest thing to me in the world) but decided she'd rather just use the big potty. she told me she didn't like the little potty because it "didn't have a flusher or toilet paper." well okay, then. 
(showing off their muscles) 

a few funny things that have happened lately: 
the girls got art kits from my mom. laney was thrilled with the princess lipstick. only it wasn't lipstick. it was a glue stick. oops. ;) 

jeffrey had on a pair of plaid shorts last sunday and when libbi saw him she gasped and said, "DADDY! you can't wear your underwear to church!" i guess she thought his shorts looked similar to plaid boxers. ha! she was quite alarmed. ;) 

happy friday, friends! have a great weekend!! :) 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


last weekend my big girls went to camp. 
Grand Camp. :) 
buddy and mimzy had a fun filled weekend for the oldest grandgirls, which they deemed "campalicious."

to say my girls had fun would be a huge understatement. they had been looking forward to campalicious for weeks. their bags were packed, sleeping bags set out, and game faces on early thursday. i dropped libbi and laney off at my mom and dad's thursday afternoon amidst libbi asking no less than five times, "you're not staying, right? right?!"  
it's always nice to feel wanted. :)

mimzy and buddy had a full camp itinerary for the girls. they went fishing, saw fireworks, baked cupcakes, even had their own "sunday school." and the crafts….oh, the crafts
libbi and laney tippins love them some craft time. and campalicious did not disappoint. 

i am so thankful for the fun times that my girls had with mimzy and buddy and blakeley. some of my sweetest childhood memories are of times spent with my grandparents and cousins. i love that my girls are able to make some memories of their own! 

here are a few (or a lot) of campalcious memories….
(thanks for the pictures, buddy!) 

 scavenger hunts and flashlights….
 sleeping (yes, really!) in a tent each night….

sidewalk chalk art...

painting and necklace making...

fun in the pool….
and out of the pool...

board games and baking...

cupcake decorating (and eating!)….

ice cream...

watching the chipmunks eat the bird seed they sprinkled on the steps…
playground time...

stickers while waiting for the fireworks show...

sunday school with buddy and making "gideon" with mimzy...

picture time…
silly faces and happy hearts…
camp shirts...

priceless memories!!

thank you mimzy and buddy for a fabulous campalcious! 
we're already looking forward to next year! :) 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

june recap...

y'all. i can't believe today is the first day of july. seriously. where did the month of june go?!

since i was a random (aka bad) blogger during the month of june, i thought i would post a photo recap of our month…  and include a few little hashtags for fun ;-)
*if you follow me on IG, then you've probably already seen most of these pics*

june 1 - ice cream at the park with daddy. #GetItGirl

june 2 - liza got a "pit" (as libbi and laney call it)

 june 3rd - laney had croup. #SteroidsAreOfTheDevil

june 4th - laney found some body wash and decided to lather up for the swimming pool. she was very proud of her "scunscreen" application. #Guilty #QuietIsNeverGood

june 5th - gymnastics day! 
#Leotards #NuffSaid

june 6th - we stopped at the bakery to pick up cupcakes for buddy's birthday.

 june 7th - a little sister art time. #LizaEatsCrayons

june 10th - libbi's second day of VBS and she made a card for laney. they were both thrilled! 

june 12th - we celebrated blakeley's 4th birthday at the fountains. #HappyBirthdayBlakeley

june 14th - libbi's last day of VBS (or ABCD as laney called it) 
#PoshSpice #SportySpice #BabySpice

june 15th - lots of smiles from baby liza! #TEEFERS

june 16th - celebrating our favorite dad. #JeffreyIsSoLucky #MostPhotogenicFamily hahaha! ;-)

june 17th - camp: day one

#HugYourSister #AndMeanIt

june 18th - adventures at the DMV #Ugh

june 19th - i picked up cookies for libbi's birthday party. and then forgot to take them with me on her party day. story of my life. #ForgottenPrincesses

june 20th - MY birthday! celebrating with my favorite girls and our favorite meal. #CFAFoLife

june 21st - this big girl got her ears pierced!!! #BeautyIsPain

june 22nd - we celebrated our FIVE year old!!! #HappyBirthdayLibbi

june 23rd - it was raining outside, so the girls played "beach" inside all day long. it was hilarious. #NoBeachNoProblem #TotalRelaxation #IWish

june 24th - family game night! #LotsofCheating 

june 25th - we stopped in the hallmark story with mimzy. the girls BEGGED for these angry birds hats. if i hadn't been there, i'm pretty sure mimzy would have caved. ;-)

june 25th - liza boycotted bedtime. but she was so cute i couldn't be mad. 

june 26th - fun day at home with liza while the big girls were at their last day of camp!

june 27th - police station selfie…. we were rear ended and the driver sped off! luckily, i got his tag number and we drove straight to the police station to file a report. thankfully, we were all fine - it was a very minor incident. #LizaIsStillInShock

june 28th - we celebrated all the june birthdays in the family. cookout, water slides, pools, bouncy house…. ya know, just a typical saturday at mimzy and buddy's. 

june 29th - i went to a bridal luncheon for one of my dearest friends! i am one of her matron's of honor in her wedding in just a few weeks!!! it was a gorgeous luncheon. #TheRitz

june 30th - we ended the month on a high note!! laney tippins decided it was finally time she left diapers behind! (haha - pun intended). ;) 
she has done AWESOME!! and i'm about 99.9% ready to say she's officially potty trained #BoutTime
#GoLayLayGo #InThePotty 

hope your june was full of happy times and sweet memories. 
here's to a fabulously full july!!