Friday, November 21, 2014

it's friday…. i feel ya.

have you ever had a moment when you just wanted to say to someone, "i feel ya!" when you can just tell that y'all are thinking the same thing, you're totally feeling what they're saying, and all you really wanna do is nod your head and say, "word."
in honor of friday (i feel ya, friday!) here are a few of my "i feel ya" moments from this past week. maybe you can relate. and if you can, then i'm throwing you out a virtual fist bump… 
feel free to say, "word" if it makes you feel better. ;)

i feel ya, liza. every time i go to the store i always choose the buggy with the squeaky wheel. it doesn't matter how smoothly that thing rolls up to the entrance of the store, as soon as i make it far enough into my trip and deep enough into my list - it starts squeaking like a scared mouse. 
drives. me. bonkers.
i feel ya, liza. i feel ya.

i feel ya, laney. sometimes i seriously wonder what in the world is going on with my hair, too. i think, "why won't you just cooperate?!" more times than i'd like to admit.

i feel ya, libbi. i do. there are days when i just want to put on a costume and let loose in an interpretive dance. 
the music - it speaks to me.

i feel ya, liza. slurping spaghetti noodles is good for the soul. i hear it cuts back on calories, too. but that's neither here nor there.

i feel ya, camila alves. i can never get my three kids to look at the camera and smile either. and don't even get me started on trying to get jeffrey to enjoy a family photo opp. i
t's pretty much impossible to get a decent family picture these days. nice try though. i feel ya.

i feel ya, minnesota coach. when i want an ice cream… i want an ice cream. period.

i feel ya, liza. sometimes those publix commercials get to me, too. their thanksgiving ads will pull at your heartstrings.

i feel ya, little guy. i feel ya.

and finally-
i feel ya, laney. it's friday and sometimes all i wanna do is collapse on the couch. 
i feel ya, girl

Thursday, November 13, 2014


i can't believe it's already thursday and i really can't believe it's already the middle of november - where has the time gone?! i saw someone post on IG the other day there are only 6 more fridays until christmas…. and that makes me both excited and incredibly anxious. ha!

we've had a busy week so far, but nothing out of the ordinary.

for some reason i thought it would be a good idea to schedule my yearly physical when i had to take the two little girls with me. so that was fun. it's always nice to have someone offer to "hold the cup" for you when you're leaving a sample (i declined that offer) and it's especially encouraging to have so much praise after you're done. but all in all, liza and laney were perfect little angels and sat quietly through most of the appointment (thanks to, peppa pig).

after my physical i had decided that it was high time to start taking better care of myself; and an easy place to start would be getting more sleep. i'm a bit of a night owl and since my girls are early risers, it doesn't leave much time for sleep. i had made up my mind to make sure i was in bed by 10 so that i could get a full eight hours of rest before the natives began stirring around 6:30am. but it seems as though kids always know when you're planning on sleeping, because that's exactly when they plan to stay awake. ha! at least that's how mine operate. laney was awake from around 2am - 5am. part of the time she was awake and whining because i wouldn't let her watch tv, part of the time she was complaining of being hungry (after i went downstairs and fixed her a snack she decided that she actually wasn't very hungry), and then the remainder of the time she was fitfully "sleeping" and having nightmares of spiders in the bed.

tuesday was a long day for all of us, but we survived. ;)
buddy came over to play with the girls while i ran out for a bit. and they were highly disappointed that i returned. it's always nice to feel loved ;)

wednesday libbi and laney both had school and i worked on some christmas cards, thanksgiving placemats, and other projects while liza napped. i took the girls to get flu shots after school. this is apparently the year that we go on a flu shot tour. between me and the three girls, we've had four flu shots at three different offices. ha! liza had hers a few weeks ago at her well check. i got mine at my physical the other day, and libbi and laney got theirs at the health clinic on wedensday. because i can't make things easy and get them all at once. :)
when libbi and laney got their flu shots i was reminded of how very different their personalities are. libbi sat still as a statue. y'all she didn't even flinch. not one tear was shed. and laney….. well, let's just say she was the exact opposite. a statue she was not. (and i have to admit, she gets that from her momma!) :))

thursday was another school day for the big girls and i caught up on some more orders while liza napped. i also watched the sermon from sunday since we were called out of church and had to miss it. (liza wasn't feeling well, but i think she was just missing her momma). i think we're FINALLY packing away our short sleeves as the 70ยบ days might officially be behind us. hello, polar vortex.

libbi brought home one of my favorite pieces of "Artwork" to date. and Lord knows, i'm not a dog lover, but i sure do love this little dog.

we're all happy jeffrey will be back from NYC tonight! it's been a long, busy week. here's to making it over the hump and being almost to friday!

Friday, November 7, 2014


i've enjoyed having my little etsy shop and being able to have a creative outlet. i'm always humbled that people ask me to make invites and other goodies for their special occasions - it's such an honor! 

i thought i'd share a few of the thanksgiving listings i have in the shop right now…. you can order them through my etsy shop One Good Name OR you can email me at mrsamytippins {at} gmail {dot} com. 

first up, one of my very favorite things - personalized placemats! my girls have this thanksgiving placemat and we love using it each year (we also have non themed placemats that we use, too. let me know if you're interested in a different pattern, holiday, theme, character, etc!) 
 the placemats can be customized to fit your style…. don't like the bow? no problem. polka dots instead of solid? sure thing! pilgrim hat on the turkey… why not? 

i used one of my favorite "thanksgiving" verses, but can use any verse/quote/name you'd like! the options are endless. :) 

new to the shop this year are the monogrammed placemats. because who doesn't NEED a monogrammed turkey?! in the samples i used the circle monogram for the "boy" and the interlocking script for the "girl" but they are really interchangeable! or if you'd prefer a name i can do that, too. again the options are endless…. quotes, verses, names - anything! 

here are some of my favorite fonts that i use. if there is a specific font you like, but don't see here - i can find it! these are just a few popular favorites. 

there are two options….

first, you can order a DIGITAL FILE only. this means that you won't receive anything in the mail - you'll just have the placemat file emailed to you. i'll include directions for printing and laminating. super easy! and very cost efficient. the file is a pdf version of the placemat and measures approx 11 x 17in (tabloid size paper).

the second option is to order a completed placemat that is shipped to you. in this case, i will create the mat for you, print, mount, laminate, and ship it to you. easy breezy! 

there are plenty of other thanksgiving items listed….

place cards to coordinate with the placemats. these can be personalized or instantly downloaded as is!

bag tags to fit atop ziploc bags… fill them with candy corn - ta da! easy thanksgiving treat of "turkey toes!"
 these can also be personalized or you can instantly download them from the etsy shop.

finally, there a plenty of thanksgiving themed gift tags - perfect for friendly neighbors, teachers, students, classmates, friends, family and on and on. these can be instantly downloaded as is or you can have them personalized with a name of your choosing! 

this is just a sampling of what's available for thanksgiving in the shop. if there is something you'd like, but you don't see it listed - please email me… i LOVE custom orders and will be happy to help you! 

christmas cards haven't been listed yet, but if you're interested let me know and we can start working on them! i should have most christmas designs up by the end of the week!!

thank you for all of your support! 
happy friday!!  

Thursday, November 6, 2014


hi, my name is amy and this is my blog, although you wouldn't know it since it's been over two weeks since i've visited this little space on the interwebs. but i'm back (again) and hopefully this time i'll catch up and keep up. in the grand scheme of things, two weeks isn't really that long. but in reality, a crap ton of things can happen in two weeks. am i right or am i right? ;-)

this picture…. it's christmas card material if you ask me. ;) 

now, in order to catch up and try to get things back up to speed around here, i'm going to do a highlight reel of our past two plus weeks. ready? go….

we had planned to have liza's baby dedication on october 19th, but jeffrey ended up having to go out of and then liza woke up with hand foot and mouth. lovely.

liza's 15 month well visit was already scheduled for that tuesday, so i kept her "well visit" ha! and took her in to confirm the HFM. luckily, they still cleared her to have her tear duct surgery that friday. i was worried that the hand foot mouth diagnosis would delay her surgery, but as long as she didn't have a fever she was good to go.  

two days later, HFM took down it's second victim. 
poor laney got hit hard with the virus. her throat was covered in blisters. 

at that point, i assumed libbi was basically a sitting duck. HFM is SO contagious so i figured there was no way she could get by without one of her sweet sisters sharing it with her. i told jeffrey i had NO idea how laney and liza BOTH got it…. (sarcasm font right there) ;-) 

we cleaned a lot and besides taking libbi to and from school, we didn't leave the house until bright and early friday morning. we went to children's healthcare of atlanta for liza to have her tear duct surgery. she wasn't thrilled about skipping breakfast (it IS the most important meal of the day!) but she was a trooper. the doctor came in to put a "small dot" above her left eye and liza *may* have fought her just a bit…. she wasn't going down without a fight. 

the surgery went perfectly and liza recovered quickly. within a few hours you'd have never known she'd just had surgery that morning. besides a few bloody noses, everything was back to normal. we were SO thankful for how smoothly it went and that it was a successful procedure. 

the following week, everyone returned to school - woohoo! laney had her costume parade at preschool on tuesday morning. she was more than a little excited to wear her anna costume. and she was thrilled to find out one of her friends dressed up as elsa (ha! as if there was any doubt about there being other elsa's and anna's this halloween…) 

the parade was adorable - as always. it's safe to say that laney and liza were just there for the cookies. what can i say? they get it honest. :) 

we followed up the costume parade by going to trunk or treat wednesday night. the girls had a great time and loved seeing all the cars decorated and of course all the candy! 

friday night the we took the girls trick or treating around our neighborhood. they had a blast. between walking around with our little neighbor (another elsa, go figure) and eating candy - they were in heaven. especially liza. i'm pretty sure she was in a full blown sugar coma by the end of the night. it's a wonder she was able to fall asleep.

we've also had another trip out of town for jeffrey, an ENT follow-up for laney (all looks good!), school parties, soccer games, church functions, and just every day life. which kind of explains why i've been slacking on my blogging. we've been b-u-s-y! but i miss this little 'ol blog and all that comes with it so i'm hoping to make time for it each day. even if it's just a few minutes here and there - the process of writing down our moments and memories - no matter how mundane they may seem - is cathartic and good for my soul. so i'll do my best to make time for it. happy (almost) weekend, friends! :)