Monday, September 15, 2014

house party...

i'm sure the day will come when jeffrey and i will go out for the night and our girls will be old enough to stay home alone. it seems like a lifetime away, but that day will come….right? right??? right?!?! ;-) 

when that day comes, i can assure you of one thing: 
laney tippins will NOT be trusted to stay home alone. 
here are just a few reasons why: 

this "friend" of laney's has partied way too hard. she's just passed out right there in the middle of the floor. while i'm concerned about what's under the blanket, i do appreciate the fact that laney brought out the wipes and (swim) diapers for her - just in case. 
 it's obvious that there has been some shenanigans going on at this house party. i mean, just look at the way this motley crew is hanging out in the bathroom. there's only one reason they'd need to be that close to the potty…. and i'm sure it wasn't the snacks. (although, knowing laney - the gummies and goldfish would be overflowing at her party). 
 this many people at our house?! she can't possibly know them all. and don't even get me started on the way those girls are dressing….
 it's never a good sign when laney is no where to be found, and yet her "guests" are still partying by flashlight. 
 this group is obviously up to no good…. who's in charge here?! 
 oh. that explains it. 
(also: where did that dog come from?! and how did he get up there?!) 
i guess i should take a little bit of comfort in knowing that although she's a bit wild, she is also prepared. computer? check. mode of transportation? check. books, white boards, and cooking utensils? check. breathing treatment machine and mask? check
so if you come to one of laney's parties, you'll be able to read, cook, surf the net, and self medicate. awesome
and she's obviously the most gracious hostess. just look at that welcoming smile! :) 
oh, how we love our laylay. and i'm so thankful that she's sandwiched in between two sisters that will hopefully tattle on her for the rest of her (wild) life. ;) 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

S is for...

today's post is brought to you by the letter "S"

S is for….

libbi had her first soccer game on saturday…. she's still getting comfortable with the whole thing, but in the words of the great elle woods: - she totally "looked the part" ;) 

cutest soccer player i've ever seen! 

School pictures….
speaking of cuteness…. this school picture?! just about did me in. precious!!

School….the other tippins sisters have been busy as well. laney had her first day of school (more on that later) and she loved it! although she doesn't love waking up early and getting dressed. she likes to stay in her jammies all day - unlike libbi who wants to be up and fully dressed (bow and shoes included) by 7 am. 

Surgery….laney also had a visit to the ENT a few weeks back and we scheduled her surgery to have her tubes removed. yes, you read that correctly - removed. the ENT said that this only happens in about 8% of the cases with tubes, and so naturally - we're in that 8%. laney had her tubes put in when she was 13 months old. while they have served her (and us!) well, they have not fallen out like they should. so more than two years later, she's having them taken out. hopefully it will be just as quick and painless as the original surgery. 

liza girl also has a big month with a procedure of her own! sweet girl has a blocked tear duct. she's had it since she was around 7-8 weeks old. we tried every remedy we could think of, both prescription and at home, but nothing seemed to work. libbi and laney both had a blocked tear duct when they were infants, but theirs corrected itself. liza wasn't so lucky. so she'll be having a minor surgical procedure to help clear out the blockage and hopefully clear things up. 

Series…. we started a new series at church last week, "at the movies" and so far it's been a hit with the girls. :) it's so much fun to go to church each week and see the lobby set up like scenes from a movie! if you're local - you should join us! and if you're not local, you can watch online :) (

Storytime…. doesn't everyone read SEC themed books for their bedtime story? ha! :) 
we do love us some georgia bulldogs. when we're not reading about our dawgs, libbi has been reading her library books to us at night. and let me tell you, it's both amazing and completely strange to hear your child read. i mean, actually READ books on her own. 

so between soccer, surgeries, school, and just regular old sister fun - our september is shaping up to be a busy, busy month! :) 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

wednesday "wee-view"...

i've had the pleasure of receiving quite a few products as of late to review here on the blog. that's one of the fun "perks" of blogging - because, c'mon…who doesn't like free stuff?! :) 
instead of doing post after post of reviews and giveaways, i thought i'd break them up and do a fun little weekly series called, "wednesday wee-views" (get it? since most of the products are for my wee little ones - haha!) ;-)

the first wednesday wee-view is from i'm pretty sure that i was sold as soon as i saw the word, "labels" in the subject line of their email.  but seriously, y'all know i love to label everything! and with two girls in school, gymnastics, soccer, and so on - we HAVE to label everything or else we'd never see it again. can i get an amen? 

kidecals is the perfect solution to labeling all of those important items. they have everything from personalized labels to keyboard labels. and you want to know what one of my favorite things about the labels? they're waterproof! isn't that fabulous? i'm talking waterproof as in the can go in the dishwasher or the washing machine! 

i love that you can move the text around on the labels and see a preview of what it will look like before ordering. it gives the label a personalized touch, but for visual people like me, it also helps to be able to see what it looks like before i click the "order" button. because let's be honest, sometimes what looks good in my head, doesn't look good on paper. :) 

kidecals has pretty much thought of every kind of label…so you don't have to! 
labels for bottles:

allergen labels (how great are these?!)

even fun doorbell signs - hahaha! :)

i chose the address label, but decided to customize it to use for other purposes.

i put all of our names on it, that way i can label each girls' jackets, water bottles, etc. with the same labels and know that it will find it's way back to us somehow. 

i've used them on sippy cups (the little labels are the PERFECT size for sippy cups!) 

water bottles

even libbi's soccer ball! 

the fabulous people at kidecals have so generously offered a giveaway for readers of total tippins takeover. just head on over to their site and check out the wide array of labels. here are a few links to help you navigate the site and find what you're looking for: 

there are also non-personalized labels for all sorts of different needs:

when you've found the labels that are just perfect for you - 
enter in the code:  ilovelabels
for 15% off your order!! 

thank you to kidecals for the discount code and for the set of labels for the tippins family! :) 

disclosure: all thoughts, opinions, and text are my own. i was provided with a credit to kidecals in exchange for my honest review of their product. some images via

Sunday, August 31, 2014

community helpers...

last week libbi studied "community helpers" at school… and it seems fitting since we've had LOTS of involvement with helpers in our community over the past seven days :)

we started off our week with a trip to the doctor to see the lovely nurses and pediatrician. seems that sweet libbi so lovingly shared her strep throat with laney. awesome. 
laney was a rockstar patient and thankfully we caught it early so laney didn't have too rough a time with it (unlike libbi's miserable WEEK with it - ugh!) 

two days later we met up with yet another helper in our community as laney went in for her 6 month recheck on her tubes. it seems as though laney falls into the "less than 8%" category of the lucky ones whose tubes don't fall out. again, awesome. liza's face pretty much sums up my reaction….
so she has to have them removed next month since they're not budging on their own. it's crazy to think that laney was liza's age when she had them put in - time flies, doesn't it?! 
here she is at the ENT at 2, 2.5, and 3 years old. our laylay is a-growin' up!

community helper experience #3 of the week - teachers! since laney was feeling better on thursday and had been on her antibiotic for 48 hrs, she felt up to going to "meet the teacher" at her preschool. she was a little apprehensive about going to school without libs, but she put on her brave face ;) 

thursday evening, libbi had her first soccer practice! we were thankful for community helper experience #4 of the week - volunteer coaches. libbi was thrilled to find out a friend from school is on her team and we're looking forward to a great season!

community helper experience #5 - friday morning libbi had a community helper parade at school. each child could choose to dress up as someone who helps out in the community - occupations like doctor, dentist, teacher, coach, mailman, etc. libbi's first choice was a superhero since "they help everyone!" but she settled on a teacher as plan B. ha! she looked so stinkin' cute in her little blazer (that she kept calling a "blizzard") and her (pretend) glasses. 

*side note - she told me she just wanted to wear the glasses for a picture but she didn't want to wear them at school or for the parade because she'd be too embarrassed. apparently she changed her mind, because she DID wear them for the parade and has pretty much kept them on ever since. i've had to force her to take them off for bed at night - haha!

friday afternoon we made another visit to the oh, so helpful doctor in our community - community helper experience #7 - this time for liza girl. seems she dodged the strep bullet and instead found herself a double ear infection. if you're keeping count, this was our THIRD visit to a doctor's office in four days. i am contemplating buying stock in amoxicillin. or at least suggesting a punch card system to our pediatrician. ;) 

saturday morning we all put on our red and black to prepare for the big game. before we ran out that morning, libbi and jeffrey were playing around and libbi slipped and fell. she hit her head on the back of the ottoman. we knew it was a hard hit, but it didn't seem to be too bad. i gave her some ice, dried her tears, and checked for a knot or any sign of an injury. i didn't see anything and she seemed to be feeling fine, so we left for the day. 

later that night, after she took a bath, i found the place where she hit her head that morning. it was still open and bleeding a bit, so we decided that she should probably have it seen about. jeffrey took libbi for community helper experience #8 of the week - the friendly neighborhood ER doctors and nurses. 
thankfully, it wasn't anything too serious - nothing a little novocain and superglue couldn't fix. 
and i'm super thankful that jeffrey was up for watching the second half from the ER waiting room and that the dawgs won! 

our week spent learning about community helpers was definitely an interesting one, and i have to say i'm thankful it didn't involve any police officers or fire fighters - ha! -  but i'm sure hoping we're done with our community helper "lessons" for a while!