Thursday, May 5, 2016


it's no secret that libbi is my worrier. she's also my analytical child. and if you know anything about anxiety and worrying, it doesn't go well with deep thinking. ;-) 
bless her. she overthinks everything and plans out every possible "what if" scenario in her mind. juuuuust in case. 

i can get frustrated with her at times because she lets her anxiety get the best of her. and other times i'm frustrated because it's like i'm looking in a mirror. it's hard seeing your weaknesses played out in your children. motherhood can be very humbling. but it can also be incredibly rewarding. 

this past weekend was definitely one of those rewarding moments. libbi performed in her ballet recital and i know she was nervous. who wouldn't be? standing on a stage in front of hundreds of people? that's a challenge for even those with nerves of steel. and yet, my little worrier; my shy, precious introvert; my sweet, anxious first born, got up on that stage and danced her heart out. 

and i was beyond proud. not because she danced perfectly and remembered all of her choreography. not because she looked like a beautiful angel up there on the stage. and not because she was the star of the show. 

more than anything, i was proud of her for having the courage to do something that scared her. i was so proud of her for having the courage to overcome her fear of the unknown and step out on faith. 

i hope and pray that she will always know that she has the courage and the ability to do hard things. no matter if it's standing on a stage dancing or if it's standing up to peer pressure at school. she can face her fears and doubts - and come out on the other side. with grace.

"For God did not give us a spirit of fear. He gave us a spirit of power and of love and of a good mind."
2 Timothy 1:7

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

laney the artist...

laney has her own unique sense of style and her creativity has no bounds. i'm seriously amazed at the things she comes up with. one of her favorite lines is, "that's okay. i'll just make it myself." and she will. 

99% of the time you can find her in the playroom snipping away at papers and gluing and taping.  she's like a little mini edward scissor hands. give her some paper and scissors and she'll create a masterpiece. she likes to say she's "crafting" and calls her box of materials her "craft box." 
{one small confession: if you replace the word "craft" with "crap" a four year can't really tell the difference. so i say at least ten times a day "put that in your box of crap" or "does this belong in your crap box?" even "is this one of your craps?" and she is none the wiser.} 
mature? no. entertaining? yes. ;-) 

so for memory's sake and your viewing enjoyment - a collection of laney's artwork. a virtual portfolio if you will....

look out, shopkins. we're coming for you. thanks to laney you can have a shopkins seesaw or spaceship. take your pick and we'll sit back and wait for the millions to roll in ;)
*shopkins not inlcuded

the microphone stand liza was gifted for christmas becomes laney's music podium (much to liza's dismay)

libbi has a "BFF" necklace that she shares with one of her little school friends. laney asked to see it and of course, as sisters do, libbi replied with a kind "NEVER!" 
so laney responds with her usual "fine. i'll just make my own." problem solved :) 
and she'll even one up her sister and make not one, but TWO necklaces. take that, libbi. 

laney doesn't only craft for her own benefit. people, animals, and toys alike are able to enjoy her creations. she used her magnatiles to set up the "twins" with their own chairs, cup (bottle) holders, and a flat screen TV.
complete with their own hand draw "baby TV show"

an old wipes box becomes a "puppy house" for her newest little puppy

liza enjoys her very own "peppa pig" stage courtesy of laney's designs.
for some odd reason, liza didn't enjoy the "minnie rocket" as much.  

laney also uses her crafting for good. and by that i mean she entertains liza with her finger puppet shows while i cook supper.
no stone left unturned. she has props, finger puppets, and scenery

but sometimes, there are dangers with crafting. 
watch out for the "X"
if you accidentally step on it, these monsters jump out and chase you. 
but never fear, there is a caped crusader to rescue you. 
and her trusty caped kitty surprise side kick. 

in the mood for some lemonade or a snack? 
laney's "shop" has it all. 

need ideas for a baby gift? laney can create replicas of the mickey mouse clubhouse that double as crib decorations. 

who needs store bought costumes when you can make your own?
fairy wings
cat ears
baby doll cat costume

bunny mask (perfect for all easter celebrations....except those with easily scared children) ;-)

a few weeks ago laney had her gymnastics ribbon ceremony. 
soon after.... we were all the proud recipients of our own ribbons. 

it's never a dull moment at the tippins house. there's always a party of some kind happening. and what party is complete without a rousing game of "pin the tail on the donkey?" 
happy birthday, babies! :) 

even ziplock bags are not safe. they can be crafted into many different uses...
bubble bee traps
robot cat holders
even a behavior chart for her teachers to use if they'd like. 

and no project would be complete without laney's "special touch".... here is a floor plan of our house (according to laney). and of course, she's the one on the top left...
on the potty. 
like i said - she adds her own special touch. ;-)
oh how we love the creative mind of our laney... 
may you never stop crafting. 

Monday, February 29, 2016

weekend sickies...

first of all, thank you for the sweet well wishes on our exciting news! we are looking forward to adding another precious girl to the mix. i'll share more about our newest blessing soon...

it was a beautiful almost spring-like weekend, but unfortunately we didn't get to enjoy very much of it. instead our weekend consisted of fevers, sickness, doctor's appointments, and lots of R&R. 
wash. rinse. repeat. 
poor libbi has had a rough time lately. she's going on almost day 10 of fevers and sickness. 
of course, it all started after she finished a week off school for winter break. isn't that the way it always happens?

she started feeling sick early friday morning two weeks ago and the fever came shortly after. she had spent the night at my mom's house the night before, so it was pure torture to admit she didn't feel well on friday. she was burning up with fever but remained adamant that she "felt fiiiiiine!!!" needless to say, i picked her up and took her straight to the doctor despite her protests. libbi is my child who has serious anxiety about sickness - whether it's hers or someone else's - and she does not like to talk about it in any form or fashion. she could be burning up with fever, puking buckets, and sick as a dog - yet she'd still insist she felt fine. it makes it difficult to gauge her level sickness sometimes since she won't ever admit to any ache or pain. but it also makes for a very easy patient once she is diagnosed. she doesn't whine or complain. she doesn't even want to snuggle or be babied. she just wants to be left alone. give her a pillow & blanket (although she does NOT need them because she does NOT need to rest!) a tv or an iPad and she's set. she'll lie in bed until she feels better and then decides to rejoin the family. and God forbid you ask her how she's feeling...never mind that you're just concerned for her well-being, you might as well have directly insulted her. no matter what  - 
(although if you're her mother you just ignore all of the above and continue to check on her, fret over her, and offer her everything under the sun. much to her chagrin.) ;-)

anyway, after a negative strep test and negative flu test, she was diagnosed that friday with the ever popular "virus" and told to rest up, take some tylenol, and stay hydrated. easy, right? 

well, come monday - she was still running fever. no other symptoms really but a nagging cough. i called the doctor and they assured me it was just a nasty virus and had to run it's course. but if she was still running fever on friday to bring her back in. we thought we'd turned a corner when her fever broke early tuesday morning. she was fever free all day tuesday and just seemed to be tired. she still had a cough but nothing really worrisome. since she'd been fever free for 24 hours, she went back to school on wednesday. she told me that morning that she "didn't feel like herself" but i just chalked it up to being anxious about returning to school after an extended break. i assured her if she felt bad i'd come pick her up, she'd be fine, etc. etc. i emailed her teacher and gave her a heads up and then we were off.  

about 2:15 that afternoon i received an email from her teacher stating that libbi had a great day, was her usual self, was talking, playing, etc. and i breathed a sigh of relief. 
we were sitting in carpool line no less than 20 minutes later and i get a phone call from the school. the nurse informs me libbi had thrown up and was waiting in the office. small silver lining - i got to bypass the dreaded carpool line....
of course the first thing she says to me is "i TOLD you i wasn't feeling like myself!" #momoftheyear 

thankfully, we determined that it was an isolated incident caused by her getting overheated and coughing too much. thank you, Lord! but the fever remained so she stayed home again on thursday. 

friday morning she was still puny and running fever so i took her back to the pediatrician again. turns out the virus she started out with the previous week had settled in her lungs and she now had pneumonia. poor thing! i was so glad i had decided to take her back in! they prescribed an antibiotic and we came home to do more resting, hydrating, and medicine taking. i was sure she'd wake up feeling at least a little more like herself on saturday morning.... 

and i was wrong. saturday morning she woke up covered in hives and itching like crazy. i called the pediatrician and they advised me to bring her in asap. (small side note: if you think your child is having a non-life threatening allergic reaction, take pictures! often times the rash/redness/etc can fade by the time you have it seen about and it's always helpful to have photos to show the doctor).

 we made another trip to the doctor where it was confirmed she was having an allergic reaction to the medication. we knew she was already allergic to penicillin and amoxicillin, and now with this new family of antibiotics added to her allergy list, she wasn't really left with many choices. bless her heart, she ended up with something so nasty - but they said at this point, they couldn't really take "taste" into consideration since her options were so limited. 

she's been on the new medication for a little over two days now and is FINALLY starting to show some improvements. i think there's a chance she may even be back at school tomorrow. #praisehands
you might remember last year's horrible attendance record starting from the third day of school, but this year was so much better! she'd had perfect attendance up until this point. libbi doesn't get sick often, thank goodness, but when she does - she goes all out. i'm praying that the worst is behind her because i know she's ready to feel "like herself" again. :) 
and we're all ready for her to feel like libbi, too. 

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Tippins Girls....

it's been more than two months since i've visited this little space of mine. i'm pretty sure it's the longest i've gone without writing. i miss it. and i have lots to say and share. 

life happens, friends. 

and it's crazy and busy and completely unpredictable. many days it leaves me feeling like...
but that's what keeps it interesting, right? ;) 

so before i jump back in with my regularly scheduled programming, here's a little bit of the crazy, busy, unpredictable life that we've been living lately. enjoy!