Wednesday, October 12, 2016


sometimes love looks like first dates and butterflies. 
innocent kisses and sweet love notes. 

it looks like prom dates and slow dances. 
laughter and carefree abandon. 

sometimes love looks like heartbreak and tears.
short lived breakups and silly arguments.

it looks like long distance and short visits.
"snail mail" and late night phone calls.

sometimes love looks like important questions
and even more important answers.

it looks like a white dress and a long walk. 
a big promise made with two little words.

sometimes love looks like learning to live together. 
sharing dreams and bathrooms, too.

it looks like suppers together at a new kitchen table.
extra chairs holding the promise of what's to come. 

sometimes love looks like a plus sign and happy tears. 
followed by doctor's visits, sorrow, and loss.

it looks like renewed hope and a shared secret. 
a precious heartbeat and "it's a girl!" 

sometimes love looks like holding your heart outside of your body.
ten tiny fingers and ten tiny toes.

it looks like disbelief that we're in charge. 
"is she really ours?!" and "are you sure we can do this?"

sometimes love looks like late night feedings and early morning giggles.
an endless mix of exhaustion and awe.

it looks like another plus sign and a little bit of shock.
and just enough crazy to want to do it all again.

sometimes love looks like surprises and "it's a girl!"
big sisters and best friends.

it looks like piles of laundry and messy floors
full hearts and tired eyes.

sometimes love looks like yet another plus sign
and the fear that comes with being officially outnumbered.

sometimes love looks like defeat and discouragement.
disappointment and regret.

it looks like, "let's try again" and "i'm sorry."
forgiveness and grace.

sometimes love looks like valleys. 
darkness and shadows and "will this ever end?"

it looks like hard times and uncertainty.
questions without answers and fading glimpses of hope.

sometimes love looks like mountaintops.
hills to climb and obstacles to scale.

it looks like doing hard things
working together and common goals.

sometimes love looks like packing up memories
boxes and boxes and boxes (and boxes) galore.

it looks like weeding through years of a shared life
finding goodness tucked into every corner.

sometimes love looks like starting over 
a new foundation stronger than before.

it looks like brick by brick, step by step
one day at a time. 

sometimes love looks like surprises and changed plans
a beautiful blessing that we never knew we needed.

it looks like changing diapers and making lunches
carpool and cheerleading practice. 

sometimes love looks like date nights and long weekends
reminding ourselves that we're more than just mom and dad.

it looks sacrifice and balance
grace beyond what we're capable of on our own. 

sometimes love looks like redemption and restoration
beauty from ashes and the goodness of God.

it looks like strength for today and hope for tomorrow
answered prayers and unshakeable faith. 

love looks like you and me. 
Hand in hand and heart to heart. 

nine years later... i still choose you. 

happy anniversary to my love.

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