Friday, July 1, 2016

friday favorites...

hi! remember me?
it's okay - i barely remember my own name most days ;)

and before you ask, yes... i'm still pregnant. but not for long!! the end is in sight, my friends. all the praise hands for that! if you're wanting a belly picture, just look below, and use your imagination. it's not too far off....

since we'll be adding another tippins lady to our trio sooner rather than later, i figured i should hop back on the blogging train. but seeing as i'm 50000 months pregnant and perpetually tired, i'm easing back in with a nice easy post...
some friday favorites! :)

one of my absolute, hands down favorites.... this guy.

i wish i could tell y'all how hard he's been working. it's craziness, really. and i don't mean his regular 8-5 job (although he's been doing that, too!) i'm talking hard, manual, labor. we closed on our house on wednesday of this week (did i mention we were moving? ha! more on that later...) and our goal was to be completely moved out over this past weekend. with saturday being our "big moving day." well, because i'm pregnant and in throes of full on pregnancy brain - i not only scheduled libbi's birthday party for that saturday morning, but also signed on to host a shower (across town!) that afternoon. and because we love to make things interesting, that saturday was also officially the hottest day of the year and our upstairs AC unit decided to quit working (hello, 95 degrees upstairs).
but let me tell you, jeffrey was the calm in the midst of the storm. i'm crying and stressing and worrying about every little thing and he was just as calm and cool and collected as could be. he took care of me, the girls, the house, everything. and never once complained. he spent his morning at a spa birthday party full of seven year old little girls and made sure the birthday girl knew there was no other place he'd rather be. 
he made 50 trips back and forth from the storage unit to the old house to the dump to good will and on and on. he took apart furniture and moved it up and down stairs in the miserable heat. he loaded and unloaded boxes, furniture, clothes, and kids all day long. and i am not exaggerating when i say he did it all without a complaint and with the best attitude i've ever seen. we would have NEVER been moved out if it hadn't been for him. and he's probably majorly embarrassed that i'm even sharing this because he hates public praise, but i just couldn't help myself. jeffrey is one of the hardest working people i've ever met. his work ethic is pretty much beast mode and nothing less.

another favorite  - these parents of mine! they have been so kind and selfless throughout this whole chaos of moving. which brings me to another thing i don't think i've mentioned - we're now roommates! surprise!

our house sold rather quickly and we weren't prepared to buy or build just yet, so we did the most logical thing we could think of with three small kids and a baby on the way.... move in with my parents! ;-) but seriously, my parents have been so gracious and accommodating. we couldn't have done this without all of their help. there's no way. especially with me being so pregnant. they celebrated 38 years of marriage last week and my mom spent the better part of her day babysitting my girls while i ran errands all over town and helping me pack up our house. my dad was a champ helping move furniture and boxes too. let's face it, they're voluntarily housing my family of (almost) six - not only are they my favorites, they're my heroes ;)

next on my list of favorites.... these THREE! 

they have also been amazing throughout the moving process. they've played nicely together when i needed them to and they've played quietly on their kindles when i needed them to. i couldn't have asked for more. they've handled all the shuffling, and transitioning, and change with smiles on their faces. don't get me wrong - we've had a few little adjustment bumps to work out and i know there will be more growing pains in the future, but all three girls have just been going with the flow (probably even better than their momma!) 

we even took them to our closing with us and they all three sat and played their kindles and didn't make a peep. which is basically a miracle in and of itself. and moves them right on up my favorites list ;-)

now this? this is absolutely a favorite. i can NOT wait to put this sweet little gown on my sweet little baby!! thank you sheshemade for the PRECIOUS bundle of joy package. it is a forever favorite.

and speaking of our new baby girl - her name is one of my favorites. i'm not sure if i've ever shared it on the blog, but we've decided to name her Lottie Jo. for the longest time i wasn't sure if i wanted to stick with the LJT mono like the other girls, but eventually we decided, why not? :)
the girls weren't thrilled with lottie at first (only because it rhymes with potty, go figure.) but they are totally on board now (as if they had a choice). lottie is just a name that we loved. a little different, but not TOO different. libbi, laney, and liza all have grandparents' names as their middle names (jane, james, june) and baby lottie will, too! she will have the middle name "jo" after my maternal grandfather - joseph. i just love that all of girls will have family names to carry on the legacies of grandparents who have meant so much in mine and jeffrey's lives.

and finally, a fun little list of my current pregnancy favorites. because let's face it, at this point in the pregnancy anything "favorite" is few and far between ;)

crushed ice (i know, i know, i will regret this when i go to the dentist again), butterfingers and butterfinger blizzards, naps, and air conditioning. basically, set me up in a cool room with a butterfinger blizzard, a cup of crushed ice and i'm a happy girl. easy to please, right? except for the fact that there is no dairy queen near us, it's 100 degrees outside, and naps are pretty non-existent. but that's okay, i'll have a nice vacation (aka hospital stay) before too long!

happy friday friends, hope this weekend is full of lots of your favorites.

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