Wednesday, May 14, 2014

end of school year gifts (Free printables!)….

**EDIT: when you download the files through "dropbox" you will be asked to create an account, but you can disregard that step and then the download will appear! feel free to email me if you have any trouble**

**EDIT 5/23/15** LINKS HAVE BEEN UPDATED! :) and to see this year's post with NEW printables, click HERE.

i'm pretty sure the month of may is the busiest month of the year, at least it is if you have children in school. granted, i'm only four years into this whole "school" thing and we haven't even technically started "real" school yet, but goodness gracious! may is kicking my tail. between end of the year parties, recitals, end of the year programs, graduation, teacher appreciation day, class gifts (and multiply all of that by two children) some days i feel like i make to-do lists just to remind myself to make to-do lists. ;-)

i posted last year about some end of the year gift ideas for teachers and classmates. and honestly, i would have gifted the teachers something similar again this year, but my girls have some of the same teachers from last year so i didn't want them to have a repeat gift. if you want to see some ideas (and MORE free printables) from last year's post, CLICK HERE.

this year, i just made a gift tag for the girls' teachers and the director of the school. y'all know i love a cheesy play on words, so i just couldn't resist. "Thanks a melon for such a sweet summer" with a cute little watermelon graphic. i put some "sweet" smelling lotions and soaps in their bags. i also added in some watermelon flavored gum and a few gift cards and other odds and ends.

for the girls' friends: fun size bags of m&m's with a gift tag that reads, "have a sweet summer" and the m's in summer resemble the m&m logo. libbi and laney's tags close with, "your friend" but i've created a blank version as well as another version with just a heart. that way it can be used for boys/girls/friends, etc. i think it would even be cute for teachers to give their students!

i can't make the month of may any calmer, i surely can't keep my baby from graduating from preschool (Lord knows, i would if i could) but hopefully i CAN offer you a bit of help with these FREE printables! just click the link for the free download.


SWEET SUMMER (your friend,)


let me know if you have any questions or if the links aren't working! feel free to email me:

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