Sunday, May 24, 2015

end of school year and teacher appreciation printables (FREE!)...

**EDIT: when you download the files through "dropbox" you will be asked to create an account, but you can disregard that step and then the download will appear! feel free to email me if you have any trouble**

Our last week of school coincides with teacher appreciation week. we were blessed with some AWESOME teachers this year! i couldn't have asked for a better kindergarten year for libbi. as a former kindergarten teacher myself, i know that it is so nice to feel appreciated and that it truly is the thought that counts! i posted last year about some fun and easy end of the school year gifts and printables. you can see those (Free) printables HERE.  

i used the "sweet summer" printable again this year with both girls. i typed laney's name onto the tag to save time. i honestly thought that libbi could write her own…. and i never expected her to add her own thoughts on the back. so, i apologize to all the friends who got "YOU (k)NO(w) IT!" on the back of their tag…. 

as for the teachers, this year i came up with a few more printables and i thought i'd share them, too! as always, the printables are FREE, but please make sure you give credit where credit is due and remember that they are for PERSONAL use only. thanks, friends and i hope you enjoy!! 

(all printables are linked at the bottom of this post).

most of these are quick, easy little gifts that let the teachers know we appreciate them and are thankful for all they do each day. and in many cases - the gifts are relatively inexpensive. y'all know i love corny sayings and a good play on words, so bear with me as most of these are full of cheese. ;-) 
(also: most of these pictures are iPhone pics, so forgive my poor photography!)

first up, we started off with some "burt's bees" lotions. so of course i had to make a printable to let our teachers know that we think they're "the bee's knees!" 
there are 9 circles on each page. i cut them out and let my girls write their names on the back. punched a hole in the top. tied it to a bag - and ta-da! insta gift! :) 

the next day, we sent in tote bags. each bag had a label on it that read, "thanks for a TOTE-ally awesome year!"
again, i put multiple labels on one page, cut them out, hole punched and attached them to the tote bag with some ribbon. nice and easy!

the third day we sent in a colored mason jar (i found these at michael's - and they were our school colors- perfect!). i filled them with candy and attached an ice cream gift card to the top. and of course, the "a-MASON" tag line just makes me laugh ;) 

such a sweet little gift for sweet teachers! 
this next one might be one of my favorites…EVER! i found makeup bags randomly one day at michaels (seriously, y'all! they have tons of stuff!) and they just so happened to be our school colors, so of course i HAD to buy them! and top them off with a cute little cheesy tag! :) 

i put a sephora gift card inside the bag, because who doesn't love sephora?! 

and finally, we finished off the week with a "thank you for helping me grow" tag. i really wanted to send in a beautiful plant, but just didn't have time to get one. so a barnes and noble and target gift card it was! but those are just as good in my opinion - ha! i made two tags for this one…. one that read, "because of you, my love of reading has really GROWN"  - i thought that would be cute with a barnes and noble gift card, or any kind of magazine, book, etc.

and then the "thank you for helping me GROW" tag - which would be perfect for any occasion/gift! i also found these precious little "hungry caterpillar" tissues (at old navy of all places!) and attached them to the tag, too! i can't pass up a good theme :) 

i hope that you'll be able to use some of these tags and ideas to make things a bit easier for you here at the end of school! and remember, even if you can't send in a gift or don't have time to make it to the store - just let the teacher's know you appreciate them! hand written notes and cards are ALWAYS a good idea!! 

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