Sunday, May 11, 2014


laney james, 

today you are three. 

you are life. 
you are kindness.
you are laughter.

you give big squeezes.
second chances.
shy smiles.

you still sleep sideways.
you still have your "baby" laugh.
you still love to be held.

you can build lego castles.
drive your sister crazy. 
melt our hearts.

you won't get near a bug.
you won't hide your feelings.
you won't use an inside voice. 

you love singing.

you love to dress yourself.
you love to compliment others.
you love to play with your sisters.

you have brown eyes. 
impeccable manners.
the sweetest personality.

you share your most prized possessions.
you always say, "thank you." 
you changed our lives.

you are ours. 
you are His. 
you are three. 

we love you, laney james and are so thankful for the past three years. they have been filled with unspeakable joy, immeasurable love, and incredible blessings. 
happy birthday, laylay!

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