Wednesday, May 7, 2014

first, third, fifth...

first. third. fifth. 
and i'm not just talking about odd numbers. or my girls' (soon to be) ages - {sidebar: wahhhh!}

this past week marked a few firsts for my biggest girl….
libbi had her first ballet recital over the weekend! i couldn't have been more proud of how well she did and how brave she was - it was a packed house and a BIG stage!
she also sported her first bun. she's been growing her hair out (don't even get me started on the fact that i have a child who is old enough to declare she's "growing out" her hair!) just to make that bun for the recital. if it were up to me, she'd go for a cute little bob haircut tomorrow. but alas, she's asserting her independence - and perhaps a little bit of a stubborn streak - and continuing with her rapunzel goals. 
 more on her sweet little recital later :) 

(never fear…this was from dress rehearsal, i did make sure she had on the correct tights for the actual performance!) 

y'all. laney will celebrate her third birthday this weekend. T-H-R-E-E. how is that possible?! even though she hasn't been the official "baby" of the family for some time, she still seems like the baby. she still loves to cuddle up and be held. and heaven help me, she's still in diapers. all i can say is, at least she's not drinking out of a bottle. although she probably would if i'd allow it. ;-)
we're celebrating her birthday with a fun little gymnastics party on saturday. here's a sneak peek at her invites. 

not fifth place. not a fifth birthday. nope. fifth as in fifth disease. precious laney has fifth disease. which sounds really scary, but is actually not that big of a deal (unless you're pregnant and she's definitely not. otherwise we'd have a whole 'nother set of problems to worry about!) 

i guess it all started last tuesday when she took a nap. laney NEVER sleeps. so when she naps, it's usually a sign that something is up. sure enough, she had a fever. she didn't have any other symptoms (unless you count jeffrey being out of town as a symptom, since that seems to be a factor whenever anyone gets sick. they always wait until i'm alone.) so i gave her some tylenol. she slept well that night and seemed to be better the next day. i kept her home just to be sure, but she never showed any signs of being sick. i thought all was back to normal and then a few days later the rash showed up. if you know anything about fifth disease, then you know that once the rash is evident, you're no longer contagious. it basically looks like she's been slapped on the cheeks or that her cheeks are very windburned/chapped. thankfully, it doesn't bother her at all. in fact, laney is completely oblivious. ;-)  
libbi is actually much more concerned with it than laney-ha! 
poor libbi has her momma's hypochondriac gene. sorry, libs. 

we've been living in the land of odd numbers the past few weeks. first. third. fifth. and here's to hoping it's our LAST encounter with some of them :) 
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