Tuesday, April 29, 2014


taking a page (or a post?) from one of my favorite blogs, i'm writing about all things "current" in my life….

loving: sweet baby snuggles.  having a baby on my chest is one of my happy places and liza girl is SUCH a cuddly baby. her rolls are just an added bonus. ;) 

reading: the highly sensitive child. this book has been SO good. i find myself nodding my head in agreement quite often. and i've also learned that i'm a "highly sensitive adult" (and jeffrey is probably saying, "well…duh.") but seriously, if you have a child that feels things deeply, or that you think is "shy" or "reserved" check out this book. 

here's a little quiz written by the author of the book that will help you see if you might have a highly sensitive child: CLICK HERE
waiting for: someone to wake up as i type this at 10:30pm. because it is inevitable that one of the three will be up in 3….2….1… 
excited about: libbi's ballet recital this weekend. i'm mostly excited because SHE is so excited. she can't stand it. she begs to wear her costume every day. and she is over the moon excited that her hair is (practically) long enough to wear in a bun. oh, to be four years old again. ;) 
trying to: convince laney that potty training is life changing in the best possible way. so far, it's not working.
working on: not bursting into tears every time i think of my baby, MY BABY, going to kindergarten. 
enjoying: warmer days. fun times with my girls. my favorite tv shows. hearing libbi and laney singing and quoting frozen (even though they've been doing it for months, it still hasn't gotten old). watching sweet liza discover new things in her little world.
using: self tanner. it's what's up, y'all. and i'll be sporting my fake (but hopefully real looking) tan soon enough.  
wearing: my fun ikat toms. is it strange that i consider them a "neutral" :)

 and hopefully soon i'll be wearing these hemp embroidered toms. aren't they cute? 

planning: parties. and showers. and parties. and showers. laney's birthday is in may (so is my sister's) then mine and libbi's are in june (and my dad's and jeffrey's dad, and my niece's and my SIL's) and liza's birthday is in july, plus one of my best friends is getting married in july. so pretty much every weekend from now until mid july we have a birthday party and/or a shower. and it's going to be a blast! who doesn't love a good party? (and hello, shower food!) 
singing: "let it go" duh.  and "love is an open door" (side note: trying to explain what "jinx" means to an almost three year old is nearly impossible). 
needing: a maid. just being real, y'all. someone to potty train laney wouldn't hurt either. 
learning: that my priorities need to be in the right order for my life to be in the right order. and i like order. :)
listening to: all sons & daughters. over and over and over. love their music! 
wishing: for time to slow down just a bit. my babies are growing too quickly. and also that laney wouldn't screech like a banshee every time libbi bothers her. 
doing: too much. not enough. a little. a lot. whatever i can. it depends on the day. the hour. the minute.
dreaming ofthis:

and this: (the hair. not the girl.) i've been contemplating cutting my hair short again. and every time liza pulls out handfuls of it, i think it's a great idea. but every time i throw it into a ponytail in the middle of the day, i think maybe short hair is not a good idea. dilemmas, dilemmas. 

i obviously dream big (and shallow) ha! 

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