Thursday, May 29, 2014

birthday celebrations…. of the real and pretend variety.

hi friends! hope y'all will bear with me as i do a bit of catching up. as usual, the blog has taken a back seat, but there are definitely important events that have transpired over the past few months that i want to make sure i document. so i'll be trying my best to catch up while simultaneously "keeping up" (story of my life - ha!) ;-)

a few days before laney's actual birthday, she had a "pretend" birthday at school. (side note: i am NOT a fan of pretend birthdays. i do not want to "pretend" my child is turning a year older any earlier than i have to thankyouverymuch) needless to say, laney did not share my affliction for pretend birthdays. she was over the moon excited about celebrating with her friends at school. she took some m&m cookies in (her favorites!) and all her little people sang to her as she blew out the candles. she was glowing! and not just because of the rash on her cheeks. fifth's disease does not discriminate against the birthday girl. 

sweet laney. :) 

the next day we went into town to pick up her cupcakes for her real party. and of course, she had to have a little pre-game warmup with a cupcake of her own just to make sure they were okay for all of her guests, of course. #crushedit

we celebrated her birthday that weekend with a gymnastics party. unfortunately, more than half of the guests were sick (with fifth's disease thanks to laney - oops!) so not all of her friends could make it. but, never fear - it didn't slow the birthday girl down one bit. the gymnastics party was the perfect party for laney. she loves to jump, run, flip, and spin around. she could have jumped on that trampoline all day. i love so many of the pictures that my dad took during the party, because they just capture laney's personality so well. 

she is such a happy, happy girl. her joy is contagious.  we love you, laylay!
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