Monday, June 2, 2014

spring art show...

the end of the school year is always bittersweet for so many reasons. my girls LOVE school and their teachers and friends. we were blessed with two sets of wonderful teachers this year. it was so comforting to know that my girls were being loved on and cared for each school day by such loving and godly women. to wrap up their school year, they had a spring art show and performance. it was sad knowing that this may be the last time libbi and laney are in a "school program" together and that it was libbi's last preschool program. ever. evvvvver. can you tell i'm a bit dramatic?! ;-)
the girls were so sweet singing and performing with their classes. i'm pretty sure i cried through most of it. i can't help it, there's just something SO precious about hearing little voices worshipping and singing about Jesus. that's the kind of joyful noise i can get behind.

i'm thankful my dad had his camera and was able to take all of these pictures for me since i had a total "mom brain" moment and brought my camera, but without the memory card. oops. :)

after the girls performed with their classes, we went back to the classrooms for the "Art show" which was a collection of some of their best artwork from the entire school year. they did such a great job!

love these sweet girls! :)

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