Wednesday, May 15, 2013

end of year - teacher gifts....(printables, too!)


**Free printables at the bottom of the post....**

i can't believe it's the end of the school year already! i don't even want to think about how different life will be after the three short months we're out for summer. when school starts back in august, libbi will be four (ah!), laney will be (hopefully) potty trained, and we'll have a new baby (double ah!!)
but for now, we're just focused on getting through the last day without tears (from me, not them). 

libbi and laney love school more than anything and look forward to going each week. i love their school and their teachers too, especially because i see how happy the girls are and how much they're learning. what better way to show our appreciation than a few end of the year gifts? i always like seeing what other people do for teachers and am so thankful to have new ideas to "file away" for when i need them. i think my girls get out for summer a little bit earlier than most, so hopefully if you're still looking for something for your end of the year gifts, these ideas won't be too late. 

let's start off with one of my favorite things (and my girls', too!): chickfila. we decided to give each assistant teacher a chickfila gift card along with a small personalized gift: 
a luggage tag, some notecards, and a "trinket tray" (i used my silhouette to add the monogram) 
i attached the gift cards along with a printable that i made. cheesy? absolutely. but if you know me at all, then you know that i LOVE cheesy. :) *PRINTABLE LINK AT BOTTOM OF POST**

for all of libbi's little friends, we found water bottles for a great price! i added their names using my silhouette and we filled them with starburst (well, i say "filled" but it's only about halfway full....those little candies are expensive!) ;-)
again, i added some ribbon (doesn't everything just look cuter with ribbon on it?!) and a printable that i made. easy and cute - my kinda project! :) *PRINTABLE LINK AT BOTTOM OF POST**

finally, the teachers and director's gifts. y'all, this is probably my favorite gift so far. i may give this to everyone i know from here on out. so if you have a birthday, special occasion, or just a bad day coming up - be prepared. :) 
i saw this idea on pinterest (of course) but took the basic premise of it, and then did my own thing. it's basically a "box of sunshine".... lots of yellow and lots of fun. i love the idea of giving it to someone to lift their spirits, too. maybe a family member or friend that has been sick or has been having a hard time? but it's really just such a happy gift that it would work for just about any occasion! 

here's what i included in our box of sunshine....
*a picture holder (currently holding an abc stationery card)
*yellow soap (personalized with my silhouette)
*lemon candle
*personalized tumbler (silhouette, again).
*golden oreos
*dessert delights lemon gum
*mr. goodbar
*yellow tea light candle holder (currently holding yellow starburst and lemonade mixes)
*yellow polka dotted napkins
*"you are my sunshine printable" in a yellow frame. (i made the printable, bought an unfinished wooden frame, painted it yellow and added the bow).
*yellow recipe cards
*yellow notepad
*yellow thank you ntoes
*another printable i made with a bible verse on it
*the yellow bucket (with a chalkboard label) to hold all the items

each teacher received a different tumbler (filled with yellow shreds and topped with a yellow ribbon)

i packaged everything in the yellow bucket, wrote names on the chalkboard labels (thank you once again to my silhouette) and added the yellow ribbon. i made another printable to tie to the finished product and each of my girls signed their names to the back. *PRINTABLE LINKS AT BOTTOM OF POST**

hopefully some of these things will help you if you're still looking for end of the year gifts! most of them were easy to put together and were also fairly inexpensive. 

here is a list of all the printables included. please feel free to email me if you have any questions or problems with the links. just click on the bold/title and you should be taken to the download page!

have a refreshing summer label (used with a water bottle - 12 per page)

abc stationery cards (there are two different black background and one white. i printed these on card stock and used them as thank you cards. you could also print multiple copies, add envelopes and give them as a stationery set. or even frame one for a cute print to display!
you are my sunshine printable (5x7)

from sunrise to sunset printable (4x6)

box of sunshine gift tag (around 5x5)

hope you're able to use some of these! if you have any questions, please email me at:  mrsamytippins (at) gmail (dot) com 

happy summer! :) 

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