Friday, May 17, 2013

Mikarose Review and Giveaway...

* the giveaway is at the bottom of the post. if you'd like to skip all my "pregnancy pictures" feel free to scroll on down** ;-)

first off, y'all know i don't post pictures of myself too often on the blog. especially my oh, so pregnant self. i'm mostly the one taking the pictures and i'm not ashamed to say that my two girls are way cuter than i am. 
there has to be a really good reason for me to pose for pictures. and a really, really good reason for me to ask my husband to take pictures of me (while keeping a straight face and not feeling like i'm prepping for one of those  "awkward pregnancy photo" ops.)

well, fear not friends. that really, really (really) good reason has been found! and it's none other than the fabulous boutique known as Mikarose. i have been a facebook "fan" of Mikarose for a while and have long admired all the adorable dresses in my facebook feed. but it was more of a, "oh, that dress is cuuuuute. too bad i'm pregnant and would never be able to wear it" kind of admiration/envy. ;-)

so when the kind people from Mikarose contacted me about reviewing one of their dresses, i was ecstatic, but a little confused. after all, i was pretty sure they did not carry "maternity" dresses so to speak. but who am i to turn down an opportunity like that?! so i decided it was high time to check out the Mikarose website and see if there were any options that would work for my ever expanding baby belly. 

i was pleasantly surprised to find that there were many choices that would work not only during my pregnancy, but would be able to carry over into the postpartum stages, as well.  win:win in my book! Mikarose sent over the Makenna Maxi and i was SO excited to get to try it out! 

when the dress arrived at my house, it was even softer and lighter than i had imagined. and in this georgia heat  - soft and lightweight are a pregnant girl's two best friends. the cut of the dress is perfect to fit over a baby bump (or a baby blimp in my case) and will be just as perfect at camouflaging those lovely postpartum "bumps" after baby girl is here. and honestly, even if i weren't pregnant, i would still love this dress! 

the neckline is probably my favorite. i love that it is a v-neck, but not too low cut. as a (pregnant) momma of two, i'm doing lots of bending and the occasional snapping. ;-)
and the LAST thing i want is to scare small children or give them an unexpected anatomy lesson because my dress is too revealing. i absolutely LOVE the way Mikarose's site describes their philosophy: 

" Mikarose is a clothing company that specializes in modest, elegant and fashionable dresses.... Our goal is to provide an extensive line of modest dresses, without having to sacrifice style." 

the Makenna Maxi is the perfect fit for their philosophy. i felt comfortable and covered, but still fashionable (which is MAJOR when pregnant! and when you're not, too.)

i did have to wear a camisole underneath because the fabric was a little sheer, and i would also recommend leggings, tights, or a slip of some sort for the same reason. 
the only issue i may have is when wearing this dress postpartum and while nursing a baby. while it will be an excellent fit for my non-pregnant self, i don't think it will be very conducive to nursing a baby (at least not in public since i'd have to pull the entire dress up).

i paired the dress with my denim jacket for laney's 2nd bday party. 
(please try to focus on the dress and not my "pregnant face"....-ha!) 

after the party, we went out to the park for a while with the girls and i traded my denim jacket for a lightweight coral cardigan. i love the turquoise and coral combo! 
(and in case you were curious, while at the park - the bottom totally fell out. it poured and we were stuck in the rain. you'll be happy to know that even when wet, the dress is not see-through.) :)

so...if you've made it this far and have suffered through the pictures of my pregnant self, you deserve a reward. guess what?! Mikarose has come through again! They have offered to give one of y'all a $50.00 credit to their online store. 
check out to see all that they offer. here are a few of my favorites, besides the Makenna Maxi. 

Julia (which comes in coral, too!)

i mean, dontcha just want to be friends with own all these dresses?! :) 

want to know how to get your very own $50 credit to Mikarose? it's easy as pie! just follow the prompts below and you'll have multiple chances to win! 
and the good news is, even if you don't win, you can still visit Mikarose and purchase some of their affordable fashions for yourself! 
Good luck, friends! And thanks again to the fabulous Mikarose for sponsoring this giveaway!
*disclaimer - i was provided with the dress and one $50 credit to giveaway  in exchange for my honest review. all thoughts, text, and opinions are my own. 

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