Sunday, May 19, 2013

laney's fiesta...

laney turned two last weekend and we had a fun little get together for her birthday. i went against every party planning bone in my body and decided we'd just have lunch at the mexican restaurant with family instead of a big birthday bash. we definitely went all out for her first birthday, but this year i wanted to focus more on laney and less on the party. i know we made the right decision, especially since *I* was the only one distraught over not having a party - ha!

even though we had a small family gathering, i was still able to flex my creative muscles a bit. since we were having her birthday lunch at the mexican restaurant, i decided to use a "fiesta" theme for her invitations. it worked out that her birthday is less than a week after cinco de mayo, so there were still plenty of fiesta related goodies out in stores. 

i made laney's invites using my memories software. (side note: i have really gotten so much use out of this program - i love it! if you're interested in purchasing it for yourself, there is a coupon code for $10 off on my sidebar). i just used fun colors, bunting, and of course, the ever present cheesy text and copy! my favorite. :) 
front of invite...and chevron back :) 

and on another side note.... obviously the invite didn't read, "1234 anywhere road..." but it might as well have. seeing as i put THE WRONG ADDRESS on the actual invite. not one of my prouder moments. but unfortunately, not altogether surprising either. i wish i could blame it on "pregnancy brain", but i'm afraid it's just my "all the time brain." directions are not my strong suit. ;) 

thankfully, all was worked out before the party and everyone ended up at the correct location. no thanks to me. :) 

we had a few party favors for the guests (and i also sent these in to school with laney to celebrate with her preschool friends the day before). it was a super easy snack - animal cookies with a small container of funfetti icing for dipping! almost like their own personal dunkaroos (remember those?!) 
i made the labels to coordinate with her invites and then i found the maracas at target (thank you dollar section!) 

i think it's pretty safe to say that laney enjoyed herself. 

what can i say? food is one of her love languages :) and queso is definitely one of her main food groups. 

laney's adorable shirt was made by amanda from goat & lulu. i was so happy with how it turned out! i sent amanda a picture of the invite and basically gave her free reign. as usual, she did not disappoint! we got so many compliments on laney's shirt at her party! laney also has a precious coordinating skirt from goat & lulu, but her big sister immediately claimed it as soon as she laid eyes on it. there was no tearing it away from her. so....libbi wore laney's birthday skirt to laney's birthday party. gotta love sisters. :) 

i had a hard time finding a picture where laney wasn't stuffing chips in her face. i think there was a point when she forgot there was even anyone else at the table. she only had eyes for her chips and queso.

that is, until her second love came along....
see also: this is the reason i'm taking the 3 hour glucose test tomorrow morning. eating that delicious bit of heaven all weekend did not bode well for my monday morning 1 hour glucose test. oops

overall, it was a wonderful time with family and laney enjoyed every minute of it. and that's what matters most. i can't believe our baby girl is TWO!!! we go for her well visit this week, so i'll update with all of her stats and a little bit about some of her current favorites as a "new" two-year-old after her appointment. 
we love you, laylay! :) 

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