Tuesday, May 21, 2013

it was the best of days; it was the worst of days...

libbi had her last day of 3 year old preschool last wednesday. laney's last day was the previous monday. both girls had end of the year parties wednesday morning and they were SO excited! 

our morning started like any other school day, except for the fact that the girls were even more wired because daddy had taken the day off and was driving them to school.

i was in my typical emotional state of distress wondering how on earth time could have passed so quickly....which is not all the unusual for me, so i'm pretty sure no one even pays me any attention at this point. ;)

we took a few pictures before the girls and jeffrey left for school: 
you can tell that libbi was thrilled....

of course, i am not above bribery. you better believe that laney will throw out her cheesiest smile for some "canny

we gotta work on those smiles :)

i took a few pictures of libbi by herself so i could compare the beginning of school with the end of school and make myself cry even more. it's my own personal form of torture. 
i didn't have any of laney's first day because she didn't start in september. she started in january (after christmas) and apparently she takes after her momma, because at that point in time - the weeping and crying was so great, having photographic evidence of it felt a little wrong. :)

besides - laney was done with pics anyway-ha! 

and....cue the tears. ;(

after our little photo session, jeffrey and the girls headed off to school ready for a day of parties and celebration. it was going to be a great day. 

or so we thought.

jeffrey, laney, and i went back to school for laney's party around 10:30 and then made our way over to libbi's party at 11. the very first thing i noticed was how pale she looked. i immediately told jeffrey i thought she was going to throw up. and then i started sweating and stressing and feeling nauseous myself. 

poor, poor libbi made it through the first part of her party insisting that she was fine, but i knew better. 
we quickly thanked her teachers and made a quick exit just trying to get our girl home as soon as possible. 

of course, we made it about 5 minutes from home....and had to pull over. bless her heart. the stomach bug waits for no one. we had to pull over on the side of the road, clean her up as best we could, change her clothes, and then re-start our drive back home. thankfully, her teacher had given the class sand buckets as an end of the year gift - let's just say ours doubled as another kind of bucket on our drive home. 

as awful as it is seeing libbi sick, i do have to say that she is a wonderful patient. especially with the stomach bug. mercifully, it doesn't upset her and she's pretty good about making it to the potty on time. it's just so pitiful seeing your baby sick. 

and if you know me at all, you know that i am terrified of throw-up. being in the same house as someone with the stomach bug is my idea of an episode of fear factor. and i would gladly forfeit the million dollar prize to not have to endure it. all those people that said, "it's different when it's your own child..." are complete liars. it's not different. it's still throw up and it's still just as awful. 

jeffrey had plans for that afternoon so i was left with the patient and her wild sister. and my out of control hormones and nerves. oh, and then there was the phone call from my doctor in the midst of all this telling me i had failed my glucose test. i'm sure jeffrey was glad he wasn't home - it wasn't a pretty sight.  

what started out as a wonderful day full of parties and celebrations, quickly turned into a pretty crummy day full of sickness and stress. but, thankfully - like most things - it did pass. and we're still praying - and thankful - that no one else has fallen victim to the dreaded bug as of yet. we had such a great school year, so we hated to end on this note, but it definitely makes for a memorable story...
although, i would have rather had the memories of a class party and i'm sure libbi would have, too. ;)
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