Tuesday, May 14, 2013


our girls love to play together almost as much as they love to argue with each other - ha!
lately, things have been very...."territorial" at our house. we've had the "we don't say, 'MINE!'" talk more times than i can count. 
honestly, i truly think they just like hearing themselves say it. libbi will pick up a toy, (like that stupid stuffed dog for example) and say, "my dog!" and laney will reply with, "NO!...MY dog!" and the back and forth begins. it does not matter that no one actually wants to play with the dog or that it doesn't really even belong to either one of them.

sisters are such fun. :)

here's a prime example of what i'm talking about: the like to listen to a CD in the car that has old nursery rhymes and children's songs on it. both girls love it, but again - we're faced with the "MY turn..." / "NO!....MY turn" dilemma since they cannot both sing the same song at the same time. typically they take turns singing every other song, but inevitably one sister cannot help but chime in on the other sister's solo performance.

it's gotten so bad that when libbi sings "john jacob jingleheimer schmidt" and gets to the part where she sings, "his name is my name, too..." laney will vehemently respond with, "NO! MY name!!!" every.single.time.

we laugh about it, because it is so absurd. libbi is singing about john jacob jingleheimer schmidt and that his name is my name too and laney just can't help but argue back. when we were driving home from church on sunday, i caught a little clip of their exchange on video. enjoy :) 

(**FYI...jeffrey was driving, i was the passenger**)

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