Saturday, February 6, 2010


On Wednesday we went to Justin and Mandie's house (my bro and sis-in-law) for "The Big Reveal." 
Jeffrey was out of town (booooo!) so he had to miss out on all the fun.  Before we left, Libbi made her prediction of what she thought her new cousin would be....
Now, you may remember that Justin and Mandie already have two fur babies that I just adore....
But, they were gracious enough to keep their other "kids" upstairs....sorry Milo and Baya!

After we ate, and waited for what felt like days, Justin and Mandie had to go upstairs to "release the hounds!"
(it's hard to tell from the picture, but there was one pink table and one blue table)
I think I was one of the first ones to notice, because almost everyone there was looking at Justin and Mandie waiting for the big announcement, but I immediately zoned in on the dogs as soon as they descended the stairs....
(side note: please disregard the quality of these pictures as I was trying to take photos and climb up on a chair at the same time....)
In case you couldn't tell (and why wouldn't you be able to what with the high quality photos I posted above?!)

Libbi's new BFF (and my favorite niece) is a GIRL!!!!!

Since it was such a special occasion, I decided it was worth putting on my "brave face" and taking a few pictures with my other niece....
(....and it may have just been wishful thinking, but dare I say that it's possible Libbi could be allergic to dogs?!)
For the record, I was certain it was a boy, too!
But, I am thrilled that I was wrong....I may be a little partial, but I sure do loooooove baby girls! ;0)
Since Libbi's prediction was wrong, she kept covering up the front of her shirt and making sure we could only see the back....what a cheater ....but she sure is a cute little cheater

We are so thrilled for Justin and Mandie (and Milo and Baya) and their sweet little girl!
We can't wait to meet you this summer, Blakeley Grace!!!
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