Friday, February 27, 2015

five on friday…. by the numbers

it's been a doozy of a week for the tippins fam. between "snow" days and sickness we've been homebound quite a bit. so for a quick catch up, here's our five on friday by the numbers….

the number of bottles of tamiflu we currently have at our house. the bottles states that it is "tutti frutti" flavored. i beg to differ.  it's more like just straight toot. gag.

the number of people taking those doses of tamiflu. might i add that some of us are better at taking it than others. but i'm not naming any names (cough, cough…LIBBI!) libbi and liza both had/have the flu, but laney and i are taking one for the team and downing our preventative tamiflu on the daily. here's to hoping it works! 

the number of times a day i've been giving out medications. ha! i feel like the resident nurse calling everyone to the clinic for their meds. liza also has a lovely double ear infection so she gets a cocktail of amoxicillin and tamiflu. laney and i take our tamiflu, then libbi takes hers plus tylenol/ibuprofen for her fever as needed. we're our own little pharmacy….or something. ;)

the number of snow days we had this week. which actually means zero days of snow and two days off of school. ;-) but it worked out in our favor….because if there is ever a time to be sick with the flu - snow days, when there isn't any snow but it's too yucky to go outside, and school is cancelled so you're not counted absent are the days to do it! 

the number of days this tired momma wishes her children would sleep in. haha! just kidding….kind of. 
seriously, it's hard when everyone is sick and irritable, but there is really only ONE place i'd want to be - and that's with my girls, sick or not. i'm thankful that a week sick at home means a week at home together. 

hope y'all had a great week and here's to a (restful) and HEALTHY weekend!

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