Thursday, March 26, 2009


this is where i will post all of the things that i am lovin' at the moment....i am frequently finding new things to obsess over - ha!, so check back often to see all of my favorites (and sometimes where you can find them!)

on tuesday, september 29, 2009, i am lovin'...

-these cute-as-pie things that i got for libbi at the duluth fall festival they came from an adorable shop, sassy girl design - isn't that the most perfect name?!
wanna know why i love them???
they monogram everything you buy there FOR FREE!!

-libbi sleeping through the night!!

-this beautiful fall weather =)

-playdates with a new friend...

-my favorite new website that lets you change the font in your blog posts...seriously, love it!!
oh yeah, did i mention that it's FREE!!!
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