Thursday, April 9, 2009

Belly Watching...

Belly Watching has become one of our favorite pasttimes (no, not whale watching...though it is starting to feel that way these days!)
These past couple of weeks have been some of the most fun for us...ALL of us (me, Jeffrey and little Libbi...) She has been such an active little booger - twisting and turning, kicking and punching, lots of hiccups which means lots of laughs from Jeffrey and I. We could just watch my belly for hours. I think I have a permanent crick in my neck from holding my head down for such long periods of time. It is so amazing to feel her move and to see her move. We can only imagine what fun it will be once she is actually here! For now, we will continue to enjoy her silent acrobatics because we know it will all change VERY soon!!
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