Tuesday, April 21, 2009

National Enquirer....Here We Come!

Well, after a four hour gestational diabetes test (which came back negative...thank the Lord) and another ultrasound and check-up we have come to find out that little Libbi may not be quite so little anymore!
On Friday I went back to the doctor for the final glucose test (which I was dreading) but it turned out to be oddly relaxing. Four hours sitting on a couch, reading a book, no one talking to me, no work to do - my kind of day. Totally worth the four rounds of having my blood drawn....worth the fasting, mmmmm, not so much.

When we went for our checkup and ultrasound yesterday the doctor said that at our last ultrasound (Feb 2nd when we found out she's a girl) Libbi weighed about 12 ounces. She asked if we would like to know how much she weighs now. I thought, sure, why not. It seems like it would be nice to know that someone else is gaining weight besides me... Well, imagine our surprise when the doctor announced that Libbi now weighs 4 pounds! After that, she also mentioned that they may have "miscalculated" my due date and that Libbi could be coming sooner than expected.

At that point, I may have cried and told Jeffrey that I didn't want to be in The Guinness Book of World Records or have the National Enquirer showing up on our doorstep to photograph the two-ton baby (unless they were willing to pay....just kidding!). He does not seem as worried about it as I am...of course, he doesn't really have the responsibility that I do of bringing this baby into the world.... Regardless, we are happy she is healthy (very healthy) and growing (and still a girl....) Keep praying for us as we are quickly approaching the due date - maybe sooner than we thought! Thankfully we know that God's timing is not our timing and that Miss Libbi will make her appearance at precisely the right time and at precisely the right weight!
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