Friday, July 17, 2009

Look at me...I just turned three (weeks old, that is)!

On Libbi's three week birthday (Monday, July 13th) she decided that she wanted to wear a party dress in honor of the special occasion. Since she is growing so fast and will probably outgrow some of the darling dresses in her extensive wardrobe before she even gets a chance to wear them, I gave in and let her put on some of her "fancy" clothes! (can you tell who rules the roost already?!) Once she was in her "sunday finest" she turned into a true diva - refusing to believe that she is only three weeks old - she thinks she is grown already....whew - we've got trouble on our hands!
We spent our day doing some of Libbi's favorite things - and since she is awake more than 10 minutes at a time now, she has lots more favorites! Check out all the pictures below to see how precious Libbi celebrated her special day...

I gave Libbi a sign so she would know it was her three-week birthday...

...she thought about it a minute....

...then decided that she is actually "five" not three-weeks-old! (so stubborn already - just like her daddy!)

We then had a quick wardrobe change into some more casual clothes

and she proceeded to do another of her favorite pastimes - chillaxin with her pacifier!

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