Saturday, August 29, 2009

There were Three!!!

Today we threw a shower for my cousin Drew's wife-to-be Audrey (are you following?) They are getting married in October, and I must say that I am VERY partial to October weddings....
seems like yesterday we were preparing for ours! ;) Oct. 13, 2007...

Anyway, last night I was busy preparing some tasty treats for the shower in the morning. Since it was a "bridal brunch" I was making some little homemade (kind of) mini cinnamon rolls....(let me know if you want the recipe - they are super easy and super delish!). 8:45 rolls around - bath time! - and my mini cini's were still baking. I set the timer on the oven, asked Jeffrey to get them out when the timer went off, and I proceeded upstairs to give Libbi her bath and get ready for bed. Oh, if only the story ended there....

Not too much later, I thought I smelt a little bit of "burn" in the air. I yelled down the stairs to Jeffrey, but he assured me that it was not my delectable mini cini's - he had gotten them out of the oven and they were a beautiful golden brown. I continued getting Libbi ready for bed while the burning smell lingered in our house. After 30 minutes or so I decided to go check the cinnamon rolls out for myself.

To my absolute horror, when I rounded the corner into the kitchen, I saw ONE cake pan full of cinnamon rolls...I had put THREE in the oven!!! I quickly opened the oven door and there sat the remaining two pans of cinnamon rolls. Definitely NOT a beautiful golden brown. Luckily Jeffrey had turned off the oven when he removed the SINGLE pan of mini cini' least he had that going for him. He swears that he "did not even see the other two." How you can miss TWO FULL PANS OF CINNAMON ROLLS is beyond me, but there's no use crying over spilled, burnt cinnamon rolls.

So needless to say, we had a change in the menu for the shower this morning - thank goodness for Dunkin' Donuts!! Libbi loved every minute of her first bridal shower. She was such a good girl! She is a little social butterfly and loves to show off all of her newly acquired "tricks." Everyone loved seeing her in her "party dress" and of course you can't help but want to squeeze her squishy rolls - she is so yummy!
I took a few fun pictures of our decorations and of course some of little Miss Libbi at her first wedding shower!

Instead of this....

We had this....

Nothing says "southern" like drinking out of Mason Jars!

"Kitchen Shower" - everyone brought a recipe to put in Audrey's new recipe box.

Libbi and her favorite Aunt, Aunt Mannie (aka Mandie!) ;))

These cookies were HUGE and soooo delicious. Everyone got to take a wrapped one home as a party favor! Thank goodness they are fat free and only have about 150 calories...ha!!

After all that partying, someone needs a nap! Can you guess who??

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