Thursday, September 17, 2009

Auntie Biotic

Libbi and I had the pleasure of spending some time with my sister, Libbi's Aunt Missie...lovingly know as "Auntie Biotic" (sometimes referred to as "Auntie Septic" or "Auntie Histemine").

As some of you know, Missie has some developmental delays and some mild disabilities, but she is extremely high functioning and VERY independent. The name Auntie Biotic came about because Missie takes quite a bit of medication on a daily basis (or "meds" as she calls them) She is also convinced that she is constantly coming down with something, has a sinus infection, has hurt her back, has bad ankles, and who could forget her "spells" that she has or her heat exhaustion, and my personal favorite, when she pretends to lose her voice....

Anyway, since Missie LOVES Libbi (almost as much as she loves saying she's an Aunt - ha!) we decided to invite her over to spend some time with us. On our first attempt at a get together, I was told that she needed at least three days notice or it "just wasn't going to work" ooookay.
On the second attempt she was all ready to go and then skipped out on work for the day because she was "sick" (surprise, surprise) so she had to miss out on coming over because she lied about being sick.
I guess the third time's the charm, because FINALLY, on our third try, all the stars aligned, Missie's schedule cleared, her health returned and she was ready to come over!

Jeffrey graciously offered to pick Missie up on his way home from work so she could spend the night with us and get to spend some time with Libbi the following day. When Jeffrey picked her up she was a little frustrated because she'd had to go to a job skills class that day. According to Missie, she has no clue why she has to go to job skills class since she already knows all there is to know about jobs! (even though she doesn't really have one...she's technically just a "volunteer" at a nursing home two days a week...)

Little did I know that Missie is also highly informed on all things "baby." In fact, she pretty much considers herself an expert and she did not hesitate to enlighten me with all of her helpful information and entertain me with her insight ALL DAY LONG! Here are just a few of the juicy little nuggets of knowledge that Auntie Biotic shared on this day:

We began with Missie telling me that she knew another baby that was "little as a button" unlike Libbi who is "huge." (her words, not mine...)

The following conversation took place between Jeffrey and Auntie Biotic:
Jeffrey: Missie, isn't Libbi just the cutest baby you've ever seen?!"
Missie: (silence)
Jeffrey: isn't she???
Missie: well....I did know this other baby that was really cute....
Jeffrey: Just lie to us then and tell us that Libbi is the cutest!
Missie: But this baby had curly hair and she was really cute...Libbi doesn't really have much hair....

I was told by sweet Auntie Biotic that she had been "taking care of babies since she was 7" (I tried to tell her that baby dolls didn't count) so it's not a big deal for her to text while she is holding Libbi (aaahhhh!!!) She then proceeded to tell me how she likes to just "sit babies up in front of her and see if they can sit up on their own." I tried to explain that Libbi can barely even hold her own head up, so this sitting experiment was not gonna fly....not to mention the whole safety thing....
She was also concerned because Libbi's feet felt like "ice" and she had heard that "babies are supposed to be kept warm all the time....especially their feet."

Another interesting conversation, this time between Auntie Biotic and myself:
Me: Are you comfortable carrying Libbi downstairs or do you want me to?
Missie: well...I think I'll be okay. I've carried babies down stairs before.....
I have been falling down the stairs 2-3 times a day lately, but I think I'll be fine.
Me: I'll carry her.

I was asked repeatedly to "request her friends on facebook" so they can see pictures of Libbi (Missie does not have a facebook account). She has told many of her friends that Libbi looks like her so obviously they want proof of this....

Finally, one of my personal favorite Auntie Biotic moments....the way she loved to say that "things have really changed over the years" and "they have come out with so much more stuff for babies these days" or "baby clothes just aren't like they used to be..." (Did I mention that she is younger than I am and really has no clue how things "used to be!")

Not only did Auntie Biotic keep me on my toes all day, but Libbi was tickled pink to have her around! We can't wait for her next visit and of course we will make sure to give her at least three days notice! =)
Here are a few pictures of Libbi and her Aunt Missie....

{ Two sweet girls! }

{ IF she takes after her Aunt Missie in any way, I hope she gets the eyelashes...seriously, no mascara - is that fair?! }

{ Libbi loved her Auntie Biotic....she was cracking up the whole time! }

{ I love this looks like they are sharing a laugh over an "inside joke" }

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