Monday, September 14, 2009

"Not Me!" Monday

Good morning, Monday! Welcome to "Not Me!" Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week. But for now, it's time to reflect on all the things that I did NOT do this past week...We are on vacation, but that doesn't mean the "not me's" come to an end....nope, in case you didn't know it - they travel! ;)
So here is the "Not Me!" Monday (vacation edition):

While driving to the beach, I did NOT pump and bring a bottle of milk to feed my sweet girl when we stopped for breakfast. She did NOT refuse to take this bottle in the middle of chick-fil-a, causing me to have to go sit in the car (in the parking lot) to feed her. She did NOT happily comply and even smile because she won this battle....
Libbi 1 - Momma 0

While sitting in the parking lot, my child did NOT explode and have to have her clothes changed before we could resume traveling. It was NOT so bad that everyone in the car felt a little nauseous... Libbi 2 - Momma 0

While stopping yet again to feed this sweet angel (this time at a Hardee's....and don't worry, we didn't eat there - it was just the only place to pull over) the entire family did NOT have to sit in the parking lot with us while we squirmed around trying to find a comfortable nursing position in the backseat. Since it was a little "squishy" back there, we did NOT decide to take out her carseat and set it beside the car in the parking lot. We did NOT receive many strange looks from people coming out of the restaurant because we were all sitting in the car with what appeared to be an unattended baby resting in the parking lot beside us (not to mention it was raining!) An older woman did NOT roll down her window and ask my husband if he knew that we had left our carrier on the ground beside the car....he did NOT just nod politely and resume our conversation in the car....

I do NOT have a fear of is NOT so bad that I refuse to ride one by myself. I do NOT ask Jeffrey (and Libbi) to ride the elevator down with me in the morning when I go to lay out on the beach. I then do NOT call him once again to meet me on the ground floor so I do NOT have to ride back up by myself.

I surely have NOT gone at least 5 days without so much as brushing my hair. I do NOT claim that this is because I am just wearing it "curly" and everyone knows you don't brush curly hair.

I did NOT bring our baby's thermometer on vacation with us because I have a daily ritual of taking her temperature...."just in case." When taking her temperature I do NOT have to make sure there is a protective "barrier" all around us. This is NOT because she will have a major blow out immediately after having her temperature taken....I did NOT find this out the hard way....

My husband did NOT take Libbi out on the balcony in just a diaper. He did NOT proceed to give her a lecture explaining that this "better be the only time she is ever on a balcony in Panama City without her shirt on."

We did NOT go out to eat at a nice restaurant where everyone ordered some delicious looking seafood...I did NOT choose to order the kid's corndog instead...nope, Not Me! =)

Happy Monday!

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