Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Takin' it Easy...

Yesterday consisted of this:

So, in turn....today consisted of a lot of this:

Libbi had her four-month-checkup yesterday afternoon.  All went well (unless of course you count the screaming, crying, dry heaving, three shots, pleading eyes, and crocodile tears) and she had a perfect report!  I was shocked to see that she *only* weighed 15.8lbs....still in the 95th percentile, but for some reason she feels so much heavier....or maybe it's just that I'm "weak like a cloth" (as my MawMaw would say!)

She is hitting all of her developmental milestones and continuing to fill out nicely!  Our wonderful pediatrician that we just love to bits, Dr. Bramwell told us that we could start Libbi on some rice cereal if we're ready, but there's also no harm in waiting another month or so since I am still exclusively nursing her....I think we're going to hold off on the rice cereal for now.  Maybe we'll try it over Thanksgiving Break when Jeffrey and I are both home for the week and we have a little more time during the day with Libbi.  I know some of y'all have already started rice cereal and your babies are around the same age as Libbi....are you glad you did or do you wish you would have waited?

Since she had her second round of shots yesterday, she was feeling a little under the weather today.  Nothing that a little time home with Momma and some extra lovin' can't cure!  We stayed home from school today and just hung out in our PJ's and spent some good quality time together.  It is POURING outside, so we haven't even left the house.  As much as I hate that my sweet girl is not feeling like herself, I have also LOVED just snuggling her up today!!  Man is it going to be hard to go back to work tomorrow!  Have a great night...I'm off to squeeze this precious girl...and try to turn her frown upside down! ;0)

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