Monday, November 23, 2009

Five Months...

Happy Five Month Birthday Sweet Girl!  I cannot believe how time flies!  Here is a little about you on your fifth month of life...

You weigh 17.6 are a VERY healthy girl!  (You actually weighed 17.6 when we went to the dr. last Tuesday, so I would not be surprised if you were pushing 18 pounds or more by now!)  In fact, when we went to the dr. two weeks ago for a sick visit you weighed in at a whopping week later when we went back for a check-up you had gained a pound!!  The dr. was just as surprised as I was! ;0)
You are almost 24 inches your weight is well distributed - ha!

You wear mostly size 6-9 months clothes and you still wear a size 2 diaper. Unfortunately you are not able to participate in the "boot trend" this season....we bought you a pair and I had to take them back, because they did not fit you!  Your little legs are so rolly that they would not velcro closed!  So it looks like you'll be sticking to "flats" this year....

This past month you have totally fallen in love with your daddy!  You watch his every move and you can spot him anywhere in the room!  When I nurse you, he has to sit silently (or leave the room) because if he even makes a peep, you immediately quit nursing and just want to talk to him!  It is impossible to get your attention when daddy is around, because you only have eyes for him.  If daddy is in the same room as you, but he is not looking at you, you will squeal and kick until you have his full attention.  Poor daddy cannot even glance at the TV!  It makes my heart so happy to see the love that you have for your daddy and I pray that the two of you will always have such a special relationship.

You looooove to sit up.  If we lay you down you are constantly trying to sit yourself back up!  You do not like to be held "like a baby" anymore =(  You want to be up so you can watch everything around you.  You are a very social little girl (I don't know where you get that from - ha!) and you love talking and cooing and especially squealing!

Your little personality is really starting to come out.  You love to cuddle and snuggle.  You are such a sweet girl.  You will smile at everyone and your laugh just melts my heart!  I have to admit that I am incredibly jealous, because although you will laugh for one can get you to laugh like Mimzy can.  She just cracks you up!  I do have to admit that you are a girl after my own are full of drama and sass (and this momma loves it!)

You go to bed around 7:30 and most nights you will sleep until 5:30 the next morning when I wake you up to get ready for school.  I usually feed you at 5:30 and then put you back down in your bed. Most mornings you will go right back to sleep while I get ready.  Other mornings, you will sit happily in your bouncy seat and play while I get ready. You do NOT like to nap during the day.  We are lucky if we can get you to take a thirty minute nap in the morning and a 30 minute nap in the afternoon!

One of my most favorite things that you have started doing is when you reach for me.  You will stick your little hands out and just feel all over my face.  I love to see your little eyes light up as you explore all of the new things around you.

You will take a pacifier, but you really prefer to chew on it.  You have figured out how to put in your "paci" all by yourself (which is wonderful) but you have also figured out how to take it out (which is not so wonderful!) You love to just play with it and chew on it, and you really only like to take your paci when you are very, very sleepy. 

You have recently found your tongue and your bottom definitely makes me wonder why we spend money on toys! ;0)  You will twist and turn your tongue all around and chew on it.  It is hard to get a picture of you without your tongue hanging out.  You also like to chew on your bottom lip which makes you look like a little old man.

You have rolled from your back to your belly and from your belly to your back.  Mostly you just like to roll side to side, but never completely turn one way or the other.  You are a sneaky little scooter.  I will put you down in one spot and the next thing I know, you are turned all the way around facing the opposite direction but I never saw you move!  When you are on your tummy, you will just scoot and scoot until you have inched your way all the way across the blanket.

Libbi Jane you are our MOST thankful thing and we love you more and more each and every day!  You have brought more joy into our lives these past five months than we ever imagined!  My heart overflows with gratefulness every morning when I see your smile and hear your sweet voice! What an amazing blessing it is to be your momma!  I love you sweet girl and I am so thankful that I get to watch you grow!

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