Monday, November 9, 2009

"Not Me!" Monday...

Although I'm getting a bit of a late start this Monday, there are still many confessions to be made =0)...

I did NOT take my sweet girl to Hobby Lobby and have her clear an entire aisle with her "lady-like" sound effects.  My mom was NOT at the other end of the aisle and her head did NOT snap to attention when she heard these blissful noises coming from our cart.  I did NOT give her a silent nod to acknowledge that this noise was indeed exactly what she thought it was.  I did NOT finish my shopping and take this precious bundle of love home before I changed her diaper....and her clothes....

My Christmas decorations are surely NOT sprawled out across our dining room just begging to be displayed!

I absolutely do NOT take my temperature at least once a day...just in case.

Jeffrey did NOT get sick while on a business trip last week.  I did NOT feel just awful for him...but at the same time I was NOT a teensy weensy bit relieved that he was out of town, because I do NOT have an unhealthy fear of throw up. After he told me he had been sick, I was NOT worried all day that I was coming down with a stomach bug (even though he just had food poisoning....)

I NEVER send more than one child to the clinic at school on any given day, especially if they say their stomach hurts. If the five-year-olds in my class were just a little more savvy, they would certainly NOT figure out that the way to get out of anything in my room would be to tell me they had a stomachache!  I am definitely NOT a hypochondriac! ;0)

We do NOT have an unspoken rule at our house that "if you hear it, you change it."  I have NEVER denied hearing ANYTHING just so I do not have to change a diaper....or two....or three.

Finally, I did NOT get up with my sweet girl at 3am this morning only to "suction" out her nose...I do NOT take any kind of pleasure in knowing that everything "comes out" as it should.  I did NOT wonder if the suctioning had worked and squeeze the little bulb only to see something (something larger than I ever thought could or SHOULD come out of a baby's nose!) fly across the living room.  I was NOT unable to locate this object and I am NOT just praying that it is not stuck to a wall, a couch, or the bottom of my sock.

Happy Monday! ;0)

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