Thursday, December 10, 2009

Watch Your Back Clark Griswold...

On Saturday....we basically turned into the Griswold's. I think at one point Jeffrey even mentioned that he could "understand how Clark got so carried away"....

The theme of the day: MORE LIGHTS!

Jeffrey and I have chopped down bought our tree from the same Christmas tree farm since we were first married.  This year, we got to take sweet Libbi along!

Let me tell you, that Libbi...she's a girl after my own heart....she wanted to quickly pick out the tree and then go sit in the car while daddy did all the dainty little ladies don't do well with cold! - ha!

She did have quite a few opinions on which tree she wanted....

We tried to tell her that it was a family decision, but she was too busy pretending to be asleep....

oh, that girl!

While Libbi was busy looking mad at the world and imitating Scrooge...we finally settled on a tree.

We then made a mad dash for the warm car while the "boys" stayed outside in the cold to do all the dirty work.

At first Libbi was a little disappointed with our tree....

....but when I pointed out that we were getting the one that SHE picked out, she quickly changed her attitude.

We took our lovely slice of nature home and began decorating with, what else, lots and lots of lights!!

Libbi wanted to help trim the tree, so we let her put on an ornament (we thought it was only fitting that she put on the "joy" ornaments, since she is the joy of our lives!)

The girls stayed inside to decorate (because, again, we are not fans of the cold...) while daddy worked hard outside.
Libbi was obviously thrilled to help!

After lots of hard work....and a few pictures, we finally finished our decorating.  And now we can just sit back and enjoy it...
...or totally "sack out"
decorating will really do that to you!

You'll have to come back and check out the finished product! ;0)
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