Friday, February 12, 2010

the best medicine....

There is NOTHING that I love more than hearing Libbi laugh! She is really ticklish and we can always get her to laugh by tickling her - it probably drives her crazy because we do it so much!

Last night when she had finished eating her supper, I left her in the high chair while I was cleaning the kitchen. She was playing and laughing and just having a good ole time.
I went into the pantry to get something and when I came back out, she started cracking up! So what do I do? I start hiding in there and popping out to scare her, of course!

I set the Flip Cam up on the counter to video her was hilarious. I loved seeing her face and hearing her deep belly laugh. Please ignore my repetitive "boos" and the sound of my feet pounding as I jump out from the pantry - ha!

Enjoy! :0)

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