Monday, February 1, 2010

"Not Me!" Monday...

I did NOT do laundry for the FIRST TIME in I-don't-know-how-long on Sunday.  This was NOT because my sweet husband has been doing ALL the laundry for the past 3 months (or more!)  He did NOT tell me that there was a reason I had been "banned" from laundry!

We do NOT leave our TV on all night....okay, okay, I do NOT leave the TV on all is NOT because I am addicted to shows like "Teen Mom," "Toddlers and Tiaras," or "The Real Housewives of Orange County" and 2am is the only time I can watch them since Jeffrey flat out refuses to watch any part of those shows.

While the TV was on one night, I did NOT "hear" (in my half asleep/dream state) this commercial and think that someone was in my house calling my name.  I was NOT just a little freaked out when I woke up.

Our sweet little Libbi Lou is NOT about to look like she could be in the next Twilight movie.  She is definitely NOT cutting two teeth on top that will make her look just like a vampire....
I would NEVER let my sweet child sit in a high chair at a restaurant without a cover on it. Those things are full of germs and I would NEVER subject her to such things.  Furthermore, I would NEVER let her hold on to the menu (and possibly try to chew on it!) because who knows where those things have been or the last time (if ever) they were cleaned!?!?!
I did NOT have a five-year-old in my class cry because we refused to play Michael Jackson at the Dad's Day Disco.....he was obviously not pleased with the "chicken dance" or the "cha-cha-slide"

I did NOT have to ask who left their teeth sitting by the sink in our classroom after washing out their paint tray.....there was NOT more than one person that claimed the teeth belonged to them....sigh....only in Kindergarten ;0)

Have a wonderful Monday!! :0)

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