Monday, March 22, 2010

nine months and "mommy and me"...

Nine Months!!!  I cannot believe that you are nine months old....and we will be in the "double digits" next month! AAAAHH!!!

 I love learning all about you each and every day and I am amazed at how you grow and change each month.  Here are some of your nine month highlights...since I tend to get a little carried away with these posts (I can't help that I can just talk and talk and talk about you :) ) I am going to post the TOP NINE things about your little life right now....

In no particular order, here is your TOP NINE Libbi Jane...

*You have started to "slim out" (ha!)  You are no longer in the 99th percentile for weight and height.  You are now around the 75th percentile.  You are not skin and bones by any means, but your weight gain has slowed down a little (probably because you are CONSTANTLY on the move...I guess exercise really does help - ha ha! :)  You weigh in at a little over 20lbs and you are 28inches long.  At your 9 month check-up, our pediatrician said you will probably be hitting another growth spurt we'll see what next month holds.

*You wear a size three diaper and you are wearing mostly size 12 month clothes.  You still wear a few of your 9 month outfits, but not many.  We have officially retired some of your precious winter sad!  I love getting you dressed in the mornings (or picking out your clothes when daddy gets you dressed....we both know that he CANNOT be trusted to do this on his own ;) ).  It is so much fun to browse through your closet and see all your adorable little outfits...and it is even more fun to see you in them!
*The biggest change this month is that you are crawling....EVERYWHERE!!!  You are so fast and into EVERYTHING!  No matter how many toys are in front of you or how many activity mats are around you, you will abandon them and make a beeline for either a) the laptop, b) any cord you can find or c) any little nook or cranny that you can squeeze yourself into and get stuck!  I had no idea how easy it was when you would just sit on your mat and play. 

*You love to snooze with your daddy in the mornings.  When I wake you up for school, I nurse you and then I let you lie in the bed next to daddy while I finish getting ready.  I have barely made it out of the room before I see you burrowing in beside him and making yourself comfortable.  Pretty soon the two of you are snoozin' away (and sometimes you both snore, too!) until I wake BOTH of you up again so you can get dressed and ready for school/work. 

*We have pretty much had WWIII at our house this month, but I am pleased to announce....I came out victorious!!!  You had quit sleeping through the night and had gotten in the habit of sleeping in our bed (totally my fault...I may have let you sleep with me when Daddy was out of town....oops!) but this month I finally put my foot down.  It made for a few really awful nights, but I think we have finally turned a corner.  I am not gonna lie....that first night you screamed and cried for 2 1/2 hours straight!  I thought for sure you would lose your voice (but, you definitely found it again a few hours later!) I am afraid that you are going to wear your mattress thin, because you basically do laps in your crib until you get tired.  You have also turned into a tummy sleeper!  Just this past week, you have been on your tummy every time I come in to check on you or wake you up for love to scoot yourself into the corner and put your little bottom up in the air - it is too cute!

*You wave bye-bye and will say "bye-bye", You also say "dad-da" all the time.  You say "mom-ma" too, but usually only when you're crying or upset.  You clap your hands and you love to play pat-a-cake.  You smile and laugh all the time - especially in the mornings.  You are definitely a morning person!  You have shown a little bit of stranger anxiety, but usually warm up to people pretty quickly.  You are very aware of your surroundings and make sure to keep a close eye on everyone and everything! You have also moved over to your "big-girl" love it...and my arms thank you :)
*You were sick today on your nine month birthday :(  Daddy had to stay home from work and take you to the doctor (which totally broke my heart and gave me a serious case of "mommy guilt!") But, I stayed home last week to take you to the doctor for your nine month check-up and because you had a bacterial infection (which is now all cleared up). Today was Daddy's turn and he got to experience the joys of taking you to the doctor and holding you down while they attempt to look in your ears, throat, etc.  You had an ear infection and a cold, but nothing a little antibiotic and some TLC can't fix!

*You are still nursing three times a day....sometimes four.  You eat all kinds of fruits and veggies and I have tried to start introducing some table foods, but you aren't too sure about those just yet. I'm not sure if it's the texture or the consistency or the taste, but you really don't care for anything you have tried so far.  You have tried crackers, bread, bananas, cheese, and yogurt melts but you have acted like each and every one of them was poison and you refused to take more than a teeny tiny taste....I guess we'll keep trying and hopefully you'll learn to like them! :)
*You have six teeth and I think you are cutting two more on the bottom!  You will probably have a mouthful by the time you are one!  You still love to play with your blabla doll and your lovey.  You sleep with your lovey every night and tuck it up close by your face and rub it with your fingers.  It is the sweetest thing.  During the daytime, you're not quite as usually chew on your lovey....a lot.  But, that's not unusual because you pretty much chew on anything and everything!  We laugh, because no matter what you pick up, first you pass it back and forth from hand to hand, then you turn it over and inspect it, finally it goes in your mouth.  We love to watch you do this....I wish I knew what was going through your little mind and helping you decide what makes something "chew-worthy!"
Libbi Jane you are just the sweetest thing I have ever laid eyes on and I love you more and more every day!  You bless our lives and warm our hearts in ways that we could have never imagined!  I love you sweet girl and I can't wait to see what this next month has in store for us!

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***Here's our "Mommy and Me" picture for this's our school picture - ha ha!  We had school pictures a few weeks ago and since we get ours for free (and who wants an entire pack of pictures of themselves, including personalized greeting cards, wallet calendars, and keychains?!?) I picked up Libbi from her classroom and had our pic made together.  Please excuse her deer in the headlights look....our photographer was a male, and even though I'm sure he was a very nice man, Libbi did not care for him too much....

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