Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Take The Tour People...Take The Tour!

So the other day I'm talking with my friend Amy....and when I say, "the other day"...I literally mean just a few days ago.  'Cause sometimes I say, "the other day..." and it could mean last week, or last month, or even last year ("the other day" is a very relative term in my book...does anyone else feel like this?) But, this time I really mean just a few days ago-ha! 

Anyway, Amy is about to have her 2nd little boy and she is delivering at the same hospital where I delivered Libbi. In the midst of our conversation she mentions something about the lack of a nursery at our hospital....
I kindly tell her that she is mistaken (all the while thinking that "pregnancy brain" must really be hardcore the second time around for her to forget about the luxurious nursery at our state of the art hospital).

Imagine my surprise when she insists that there is, in fact, no nursery at our hospital.

Say what?
But, my baby, my precious newborn bundle of joy was taken to "the nursery" throughout our two night stay at this hospital....wasn't she??

Not so much.

Y'all...Amy was right.  There is NO. NURSERY. AT. OUR. HOSPITAL!

After I picked my jaw up off the floor and wiped the tears from my eyes, Amy explained to me that our hospital has a fully equipped room that is ready to serve as a nursery when the time comes, but since the hospital is still so new and does not see that many patients on the labor and delivery floor, they simply just don't use it, yet.

They have a separate wing for the NICU and are a level one hospital - meaning they are equipped to handle all traumatic situations and emergencies without having to transfer patients...unless that includes wanting to "transfer" your baby to the nonexistent nursery.

My next question was (understandably)....Well then, where in tarnation did sweet Libbi go those nights when the nurses offered to "take her so we could rest???" 

And guess where she went....just guess!!!

Out to the Nurses Station. 

Just rolled out into the hall to sit with the nurses all the while I was snoozing away dreaming of my newborn angel playing with all the other babies in the nursery (nevermind that I knew for a fact we were the ONLY people on the entire L&D kidding!). 

I even had visions of my parents and all our other visitors lovingly gazing at our perfect baby through the windows of the nursery and talking about how sweet and precious she was and how much she looked like me (even though I knew for a fact she looked JUST like her daddy...and still does!)

So when the nurses would reappear with Libbi every 2-3 hours so I could (attempt to) nurse her, I just assumed they had rolled her in from the nursery...not from down the hall at their desk!

You can bet I felt like Mother of The Year.  Poor Libbi, she probably thought I didn't want her with me.  She had to spend her first few nights of life IN. THE. HALLWAY!!!  Do you think that's why she quit sleeping through the night?  To punish me for leaving her in the hallway at the hospital?!
My sweet friend Amy assured me that this was not so....that her precious Matthew also spent time at the nurses station as will Matthew's soon-to-be-little-brother. Apparently this is apropros at our hospital.  They encourage you to do so.  She then proceeded to ask, "Didn't you take the tour of the hospital?"  I was really tired when I was pregnant and they only offered the tour at night.  Really late at night.  Like 7:00.  Obviously I couldn't make that.  I did take the "virtual tour" online, and I was highly impressed with the delivery suites, plasma tv's, and wifi that was offered.  I just assumed that a nursery was included in this package!

I immediately called Jeffrey to break the news.  I was preparing to console him and let him know that Libbi did not remember any of this and she was not permanently scarred by it.
In other words, we hopefully will not be facing years of therapy bills because we banished our child to the hallway after her birth....

Jeffrey's response??

"Oh yeah, I already knew that. She was in the hall hanging out with the nurses all bundled up like a baby burrito."


So the moral of the story is, Take the tour people. Take the tour!

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