Thursday, April 22, 2010

double digits...

Sweet Libbi you are 10 months old!  I cannot believe you are in the "double digits" and in just two short months we will celebrate your first birthday!  Where has the time gone?

Your 10th month of life has been a busy one!  You have spent most of your time pulling up EVERYWHERE, crawling into spaces you can barely fit into, eating things you find on the floor, teething on EVERYTHING, and wrapping us around your little finger in the process :)
You weigh in at 22 lbs and you are 28.5 inches long.  You are still in a size 3 diaper and you wear mostly 12 month clothes, but a few size 18 months!  You are definitely a growing girl! :) Your daddy and I love all your rolls.  Your thighs... oh girl, they are just perfect for snackin' on! :)

You took your second trip to the beach this month and celebrated your first Spring Break, but you weren't quite bikini ready...
Unfortunately, you did not enjoy the beach too much.  For now, it looks like you take after your momma and don't really care too much for getting "dirty."  You tried your hardest to pick your feet up off the shore so you would not get any sand on you. 
This was your second trip to the beach, but the first time you went you were only around 3 months old. So this was definitely a different experience....for all of us!

You enjoyed watching the Masters with Daddy...I think it's because he looks so much like Phil Mickelson ;0)...(if only his golf game was just as good - hahahaha!  Just kidding! We love you Daddy!)

You are still not too sure about solid foods...
unless of course, it's a 'Nilla Wafer.

Your hair has grown so much this month!  I feel like you woke up one day and had a head full!  Unfortunately, it looks as though you got a double dose of "cowlicks."  Sorry! 
I am having a hard time figuring out what to do with your have so many cowlicks so it doesn't really lay one way or the other, plus it is really starting to grow over your ears and down your forehead.  And, although these pictures tell a different story, you pretty much REFUSE to wear a bow of any kind.  You would much rather eat them than wear them.

You love to say "Dad-da", "Momma", "Bye-Bye" and "Hey."  You have already mastered the southern art of smiling and waving to everyone!  Anytime you see someone (or even your own reflection) you will break into a huge smile, throw your hand up in a wave, and breathe the sweetest little, "heeeeeeey" we have ever heard!  I can't wait until you can throw in a "y'all" after that sweet little hey! :0)

You are CONSTANTLY on the move!  We are always chasing you down and making sure you aren't getting into too much trouble.  Here lately, you have really enjoyed running crawling from us! You will laugh and crawl away as fast as you can looking over your shoulder to make sure we are following. This is such a fun game....NOT!

You love to teethe on EVERYTHING!!  Sometimes you hold things in your hands while you chew...
Other times, you like to keep your hands free so you can keep on playing!
Pretty much everything you see is fair game for pulling up on.
You love playing peek-a-boo...
And you love reading....
Obviously we value early literacy in our house! :)))

Libbi + door stopper + Tupperware = BFF

You have also become very attached to your lovey. You rub your lovey between your fingers as you go to sleep and then snuggle up with it tucked up under you every night.  You have become a belly sleeper this month.  Even when you learned how to roll over a couple of months ago, you still slept on your back.  But, all of a sudden you have decided that you like to sleep on your tummy.  You raise your little bottom in the air and squish up in the corner of your looks like you are "smelling" your bumper! We are trying hard to stay consistent with your sleeping patterns, but it is hard when you keep getting those ear infections!

One of my most favorite things (and believe me...when it comes to you, I have LOTS of favorites!) is the way that our family loves you!  It warms my heart to see your grandparents, great-grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, and even our friends just love you up.  You are one rotten little girl! ;0)
One of your favorite toys is your have just started putting it in your mouth by yourself and you will often try to put in our mouths, too!  Sometimes you like to use it for it's intended purpose...
But, most of the time you just like to chew on it and play with it!

Sweet Libbi Jane, you are my precious, precious girl and each day with you is a gift!  I am so thankful that I am your Momma.  You have blessed me and  taught me more in your 10 months of life than you could ever know.  I pray that the Lord will guard your heart as you continue to grow and guide my steps as I continue on this journey of motherhood.
Happy 10 months sweet girl!

"For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do." Ephesians 2:10

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