Monday, April 19, 2010

weekend recap...

*Disclaimer* This is a loooong post....don't say I didnt warn you!***

We had a busy weekend! Friday night we went out to celebrate my brother's 30th birthday (woot woot!)We went to The Kani House - a fun hibachi grill. The last time we went there was for Jeffrey's birthday last March. I was pregnant with Libbi at the time. Now this year we went for Justin's birthday and Mandie (my sis-in-law) is preggo with their baby girl, Blakeley! Guess there is something about hibachi that beckons a pregnant girl....or maybe just her husband :)
Truth be told....I hate places like that. I love the food, but all that fire just makes me a nervous wreck. I can barely concentrate, because I am consumed with visions of the fire raging out of control and coming across the table. Libbi, on the other hand, was totally enthralled. She was really into watching every.single.little.thing that our chef did! I tried to take lots of pictures, but Jeffrey has this weird thing about me having full out photo shoots in public.

On Saturday, Jeffrey had a tennis match bright and early so Libbi and I got up and ran a few errands while he played. I am ashamed to say that after three seasons of tennis, Libbi and I have yet to attend a match. But, I think we're definitely going to make it next Saturday...or maybe the next...for sure the one after that.

While Jeffrey played tennis, Libbi and I went to Hobby Lobby (aka Heaven!) and shopped around. I can literally walk up and down every aisle and think of 1,000 reasons why I need at least half of the stuff there. I bought lots of cute things for Libbi's first birthday (*tear*.) I'm trying to "stock up" slowly but surely so that I can be prepared when the time comes.

Saturday night my parents came over and watched Libbi so Jeffrey and I could have a date night! We went to Longhorns for dinner and it was so good! While we were there, Jeffrey dropped his wedding ring in the crack by the booth and we had to move the booth to "fish it out." How did he drop his ring? you ask...hmmm.....I'm not sure, but it could have been when he was TWIRLING IT ON HIS FINGER! At first, we couldn't even find it and Jeffrey thought he was going to have to get the manager to help us. Luckily, that was not the case. You can imagine how amusing this was to me! ;0)
After dinner, we still had a little bit of time before our movie started, so we walked around the mall for a while. Jeffrey and I made a game out of pointing out which high school girl's outfits we would actually allow Libbi to wear one day! Needless to say, we didn't find any...some of those girls were down right scandalous!! It definitely made us want to pray even harder for the day that she is a teenager. It is scary to think of all the temptations that are out there. I pray that the Lord will guard Libbi's heart against the evils of this world and that she will have a firm foundation in TRUTH!

When we passed one store, I almost passed out when I saw the t-shirt on the mannequin. It read, "I heart shoes, booze, and boys with tattoos!" First of all, if you are shopping at that particular store, then you are more than likely not of LEGAL AGE to even drink, let alone "heart booze." Secondly, if you are a "boy" then why on earth would you have a tattoo since you are not of legal age to do that either?! Finally, WHO WOULD LET THEIR CHILD OUT OF THE HOUSE IN THAT???

Jeffrey did not have the pleasure of seeing this classy shirt, so as we kept walking, I made sure to give him an earful of exactly how appalled I was, and who in their right mind would wear such a thing, and what is this world coming to, etc. etc. And then, I kid you not, we pass a teenage BOY wearing that EXACT SHIRT. I so wish I had my camera.

By then it was time for our movie to start. We tried to think of the last movie we saw and we finally decided that we had not been to a movie since before Libbi was born! I guess we were due for a movie - ha! We saw, "Date Night" and it was cute. I am a huge Office fan, so I have a hard time seeing Steve Carrell as anything other than Michael Scott ;) but other than that, it was a cute movie.

After the movie, we stopped by the Dairy Queen for a dipped cone (sooooo good!) and headed home to our baby girl! (At this point Jeffrey will probably want me to mention that I called to check on her *only* four times throughout the night....not bad, right?!) :) She was fast asleep when we got home and she slept like a rock all night long - Buddy and Mimzy must have worn her plumb out!

Sunday morning we went to church. Libbi apparently had a few issues in the nursery, because she was in (what we like to call) the "waaaa-mbulance" when we went to pick her up. My understanding is that the "waaaa-mbulance" is used for the babies that are fussy to help try to calm them down. It's a big stroller that they push up and down the hall. When I rounded the corner to pick up Libbi, our little princess was front and center in the "waaaa-mbulance" with one leg propped on the ledge (she's still learning how to sit in a dress) and her arm leaning out the side. I expected no less. ;)
After a delicious lunch of Mexican food and a little bit of Sunday afternoon shopping, our weekend was complete! And now it's Monday already, but the good news is, only FOUR more Mondays until the school year is over!!! Then I will be enjoying LOTS of time with my sweet girl!

And in honor of Monday, here is our "Mommy and Me" picture for the week...

Mommy and Me Monday at Really, Are You Serious?
Hosted by Krystyn

this was taken in our kitchen....Libbi's favorite "off-limits" place to crawl.  I am pretty much constantly chasing her out of the kitchen. She's like a little puppy...always looking for crumbs on the floor! :) Why is it that she refuses so many actual foods, yet will eat practically ANY LITTLE THING that she finds on the floor?! :)

FINALLY....if you made it all the way through this MARATHON post....bless you! and I hope you have a great Monday!! ;0)
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