Monday, May 3, 2010

monday musings...

I haven't posted in a week....(save my little "dog" post from yesterday...but that doesn't really count) and that's probably the longest I've gone without posting in months!
We have just been busy with Hopefully, I will be able to actually make a real post one of these days instead of just a few random musings...but for today, it's just a case of the Monday Randoms (and lots of pictures)....
*  I survived boot camp. Twice.  It was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be (except for the fact that no one mentioned we were going to be weighed (gasp) and have our body fat calculated (double gasp!)) If I had known that I surely would NEVER have signed up.  Regardless, I made it through and will be going again tomorrow....still a little reluctantly, but I'm going nonetheless.
*  Libbi has a new "stink face" (as we like to call it) that she will throw out to anyone that crosses her.  It probably doesn't help that we laugh every time she does it.  She has basically scared off every person she's come in contact with over the past week.  Don't mess with this baby....she means business.
*  Libbi's new favorite game is, "chase."  Jeffrey will say, "I'm gonna getcha" and she will take off just a squealin' and laughin'.  Again, we laugh every time she does it....which is only a problem when she steals the remote and takes off at lightning speed so no one can get her....then it's not so funny anymore...
*She also loves to find our car keys and hold them up while she says, "bye" which comes out sounding like, "b I-I-I-I-I" - she is such a little southern belle ;)
*  I told Jeffrey the other day that I feel like we are living in a Lady Gaga video (minus the crazy outfits) with the way that Libbi "talks" all the time.  It feels like she's singing "Bad Romance" or one of Lady Gaga's other songs (which totally sound like gibberish to me) with all her gaga's and baba's and dada's.
*  Jeffrey was supposed to be out of town today and tomorrow, but his flight got cancelled due to the bad weather.  I felt bad for him that his trip was postponed, but it was so nice to have him home!  Especially when I came home from work and found him grilling out steaks and working hard in the kitchen- what a sweet hubby and daddy he is! ;0)
*  There are only three more Monday's left in this school year....Hallelujah!  Which means I am three Monday's closer to being home with my sweet girl FULL TIME!!!!  Praise the Lord! :0)

And in honor of our fourth to last Monday of is our Mommy and Me picture :)

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