Monday, May 17, 2010

tennis, pigtails, and a bug....'s official.  Libbi had her first stomach bug. 
Bless her little heart. At least she won't remember it, but you better believe I will.....

She got sick on Saturday morning as we were on our way to watch Jeffrey play tennis.  After an impromptu bath, four wardrobe changes (two for her and two for me), and one stop to drop our comforter off at the cleaners (somebody may have thrown up on it!) we finally made it to the tennis courts...just in time to see Jeffrey shaking hands with his opponent as the match came to an end.

Sorry we missed you playing, Jeffrey!  But, Congrats on second place :)

We took it easy for the rest of the day Saturday and then we all went to bed early.  I took a picture of her Saturday night, because she just looked so cute sleeping. 

Come Sunday morning, it was a whole 'nother story....I went in to wake her up for church and found her a bit, shall we say, preoccupied.  I'll let the pictures speak for themselves...
Don't worry, it is only evidence of the aftermath...not the actual damages - ha!
notice there is no bumper, no sheet, no mattress cover, and no blanket on or near her crib.

notice the changing pad is completely missing (and there is a bottle of "poo-pouri" on the shelf!)

Needless to say, I was seriously wishing for some kind of contraption to lift her out of her bed without having to touch her....a crane, some duct tape, or at least a pair of latex gloves to wear! 

Poor Libbi.  Poor, poor, Libbi.
She seemed to feel fine on Sunday, just a little puny.  We kept our PJ's on all day and just took it easy.  I took care of Libbi and Jeffrey took care of the laundry.  He is such a blessing in times like this, because he knows stomach bug "issues" are on the top of my panic attack list and he doesn't hesitate to take care of all the "dirty work" and just let me love on our girl.  Thanks, Jeffrey! :0)

While we were hanging around the house, Libbi relaxed and read a magazine while I experimented with some new hairstyles.  She is such a trooper!

Not quite sure how she feels about her pigtails....

I think she likes her new look :)

Now as far as what happens after she takes out her bows, I take no responsibility for this look.  All I can say is, throw her a bone, she wasn't feeling well....ha!
Love you sweet girl and I'm glad you're feeling better ;)

Hope everyone had a great Monday!

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