Monday, June 14, 2010


Do you know how much I miss you???
So much that I asked Momma if I could sleep with your dirty socks (don't worry...she said, "absolutely not!")
That's true love.

I have even been nibbling on your shoes (pinky up, of course...I am a lady!)

mmmmmmmm...........smells like Daddy!

There's nothin' like drownin' your sorrows in a tall, leather, flip-flop.

I've been looking for you every day at 5:30....but I haven't seen you.

I knocked on the bedroom door....

But no one answered.

I even checked your "office"...but you weren't in there either.

Momma says you're comin home tomorrow.  And when you do, I know that music will play, hearts and flowers will fall from the sky and we'll run towards each other in slow motion with our arms wide open. 

I'll check you out reeeeeal good....

And then I'll give you a great big smile!! 

We have missed you so much Daddy and we can't wait to see you tomorrow!!  We love you!
Your Girls ;)
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