Monday, June 21, 2010

Libbi's Birth Story....

In honor of Libbi's birthday this week, I thought I would share her birth story...better late than never, right? A few disclaimers before you begin reading....1.  This is a loooong post....more so for my memories than anything else :) and 2.  Let's just say I was carrying A LOT of water weight....and if I'm being honest, there are really no flattering angles when you're the size of a house. ;)
I told Jeffrey the other day that it is crazy to me that I can remember every.single.detail about the day she was born, but I couldn't tell you one thing that I did the day before she was born (although I'm sure it probably included a "dipped cone" from Dairy Queen) ;0)

On Monday, June 22, 2009 I had my regularly scheduled appointed at my OB's office. By this time I had already been admitted to the hospital once to have my blood pressure monitored, been to the ER with false labor pains, and my hospital bag had been packed and sitting in my car for a month. I was so swollen that I looked like I had a terrible reaction to a bee sting, my cankles were out of control, and unless it was absolutely necessary I didn't leave the house.  READY....was an understatement.  
My original due date was July 4th, but I had been consistently measuring a few weeks ahead my entire pregnancy.  At one of my final ultrasounds, Libbi had measured fairly large (already weighing in at a little over 7lbs at 36 weeks) so my doctor had decided that I would be induced before July 4th, but we would try to wait as long as possible.

When I arrived for my 10:30 appointment, I went through my usual routine - check out the new baby magazines, look at the birth announcements that had been posted, drink some water, envy the ladies that already had their babies (and their bodies back) and wait to hear my name called.  When I finally made it back to see my doctor, my BP was a little high.  She had me lie down and wait then she came back to check it again.  I was dilated 2cm and 60% effaced, but my blood pressure was so high that she decided I needed to go on over to the hospital.      
I called Jeffrey at work and told him to meet me at the hospital.  I'm not sure he really believed me at first, but eventually I convinced him that this was really IT.  It's funny how you feel soooo ready until the moment is actually there and then you feel anything but.  After we were all checked in (it didn't take very long given the fact that I'd already been admitted twice before) we tried to relax, but we were just too excited!  The US Open was on.  It would usually be over on Sunday, but because of a rain delay the final round was on Monday.  I think Jeffrey was excited that he had something to occupy his mind while we were waiting.
Around 1pm, I was started on pitocin.  I thought it was pretty easy....until it really kicked in.  I had been given a mild pain killer and thought I was tough stuff - ha!  When the contractions started coming on strong, I thought I was going to die right then and there.  I requested my epidural and then received the lovely news that I would have to wait for the IV drip to empty before I could get it.  (note to self: when getting an epidural, make sure you ask EARLY). 30 excruciating minutes later, the bag had emptied and I got my epidural. 
The doctor came in around 4:00 and broke my water hoping to speed things up.  When I had still only dilated to around 5cm at 5:30, they suggested I take a little nap.  It is really the most surreal thing, because I am thinking, "yeah right, there is NO WAY I can nap...I'm about to have a baby!" But lo and behold, I was so tired that I drifted off to sleep.  The next thing I remember, is the doctor coming in to check me again around 9pm and she said it was "go time!"  I kissed my mom and dad goodbye and Jeffrey and I got ready for our lives to change forever!
Libbi was a stubborn little thing.  She was "sunny-side-up" and would not turn over.  The doctor tried to get her to flip, but she wouldn't budge!  Sweet girl was stubborn from the very beginning!  I pushed for what seemed like forever, but she was pretty comfortable where she was at.  We found out later that she was a little "stuck" so she needed some help getting out.  Jeffrey and I had talked many times about what we thought it would be like in the delivery room.  I had told him that it wouldn't hurt my feelings if he didn't want to look, but just wanted to stay by me instead.  I wasn't really sure what to expect and neither was he.  I remember at one point the nurse telling him, "Look at all her hair Daddy!"  And from that point on, he was hooked.  
I don't remember how many times I pushed.  I don't remember any of the instructions from the nurses or my doctor.  I don't remember how long I was in labor.  But, there ARE things that I will NEVER forget....hearing the sound of MY baby crying.....seeing Jeffrey's face when he saw her for the first time....feeling the weight of her on my chest (which by the way, felt incredibly heavy at the time...I was certain she weighed at least 12 pounds!).....holding her close and knowing that we were now a family of three.  There were people moving and working all around me.  Some of them were even "working" on me...but I didn't even notice.  I cared only about the two people that I loved more than anything on this earth....Jeffrey and our new baby girl.

Jeffrey was taking pictures like a mad man while I was being stitched up.  He would take pictures of Libbi and then run back over to show me.  He would go back and take a video, then run over to show me.  We were over the moon.  Jeffrey will probably kill me for putting this in here, but i just can't help myself - I think it's so cute and the perfect example of an excited new dad; when the nurse asked him how we were going to spell Libbi's name so she could write it on her chart, he said "L-I-B-B-Y"...I was lying in the bed across the room and heard him say this and yelled out "No we don't!"  He laughed and corrected himself.  He was just so excited that he was not even thinking.  He then sent a text to everyone on our "call list" letting them know that Libbi was born at 11:49pm.....BUT, she was actually born at according to his text, she had not even been born yet when he sent it :)  I love that he was so excited that he couldn't even think straight.
(This picture makes me laugh every time I see it!)

On June 22, 2009 at 10:49pm, our lives were forever changed by the 8lb 5oz baby girl that captured our hearts from the moment we laid eyes on her.  We have fallen more and more in love with her with each passing day.  It's true when people say that you can't remember what your lives were like before you had your child.  It's a feeling unlike any other, an indescribable joy....truly, undoubtedly, 100% a gift from God.

We love you Libbi Jane!!

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