Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Libbi's newest "thing" is to shake her head "NO."  Whenever we ask her something (no matter what it is) she shakes her head. It's probably wrong, but Jeffrey and I have the best time asking Libbi all kinds of questions.... things like, "Do you like Daddy best?" (this one asked by yours truly) or "Can Momma beat Daddy in a race?" (Jeffrey)  ;0)
Here is a little video of her question and answer session from supper last night. Enjoy :)

And.... a special HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dad, Libbi's Buddy!  He is celebrating his birthday in Indonesia (actually he celebrated it yesterday because of the time difference) so we won't get to see him on his special day.  I guess if you can't spend your birthday with family, then the next best thing would be to spend it half way around the world sharing Jesus with those in need. ;)
 Dad, I know you won't be reading this until you are back in the states, but WE LOVE YOU!!!  (And, we'll eat a piece of cake for you tonight!)  Happy Birthday!!

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