Saturday, June 26, 2010

one year!!! aka THE longest post with a whole lotta pictures... are one year old!  12 whole months have passed since we brought you home from the hospital!  You grow and change with each new day and I love getting to be a part of it!  Here is a *little* about you now that you are "grown" and the big bad numero uno ;0)
You still wear size 3 diapers, but size 4's are looming in the horizon. You wear size 12-18 month clothes.  Dressing you is still one of my favorite "hobbies" - haha!  Smocking, monograms, and seersucker really agree with you :)  You are a true southern belle....but you're still learning how to walk in a dress like a lady ;0) 
 I am loving that it is summer time (although I could do without these 95+ degree temperatures!) because you get to show off your arms and your legs.  Just the other day, a woman in Wal-mart came up to us and said she just wanted to get a good look at "the cute baby with juicy thighs!"  Trust me....take that as a compliment for as long as you can....!

We had your one year check-up and you are just like Mary Poppins...."practically perfect in every way" ;0)  I guess the only way you're not perfect is the way you handle your doctor's appointments....don't worry...I have a post in the works about this.  Let's just say I had flashbacks of my childhood when not one, not two, not three, but FOUR people had to hold you down to give you your shots....whew!
You weighed in at 22 lbs (to the best of their weren't too cooperative about sitting on the scale) and measured 29.75 inches.  I didn't get any pictures of you on the scale (I had to wait in the other room while the nurses coerced you onto it) or of you being measured (I had to hold you down while another nurse stretched you out and still another measured times.)  But I did get plenty of pictures while we were waiting....I'll share them in the doctor post.

You are borderline obsessed with cellphones.  You will hijack any phone that you see lying around.  If a phone is left is fair game for you.  When we were at the hospital visiting Auntie Mannie and cousin Blakeley, you tried to swap your play phone with some man's (that we did not know!) cell phone in the waiting room!  You will pick up the phone and hold it to your ear like you are talking.  Your favorite person to call is Daddy.  You love to look at his picture on my cell phone and give him "sugars."  In fact, you've given him sooooo many sugars over the phone, that there is a glitch in my speaker (possibly from all the wet kisses???) that makes it hard to hear when I'm on the phone.
*and you may notice by how many times it is making an appearance in these pictures, that you looooove your new sit/stand in it all the time*

You are a full-time walker now.  Once you figured out that you could stand (on your 11th month birthday) you were bound and determined to walk.  It didn't take you too long to become a pro.  
You would fall everywhere, but get right back up and keep on walking.  We jokingly say that you would never pass a sobriety test, but somehow you manage to stay on your feet!  You also love to squeeze yourself into every little corner you can find. I have no idea why you like to do this, but you will wedge yourself in between the couch and the wall or in between the entertainment center and furniture.  You will sit in these confined spaces and play like it is your own little hideout.  
You also constantly try to climb up on the window sill and sit....too funny!

You have started to show a little bit of attitude this month...uh-oh! I guess that's what I get for wishing for a "sassy girl!" - ha!  You do not like to be told, "no."  Your favorite "no-no" things....climbing the stairs, pulling off your bib, throwing food on the floor, spitting with food in your mouth, and trying to "feel around" when you're getting your diaper changed...not good.  You seem to have a flair for the dramatic, seeing as how you will throw yourself on the floor, flop around like a fish out of water, and say "no,no,no" right back at us.  You also love to test us (already - yikes!) You will walk right up to something that you know is a "no-no" and then turn to look at us, smile, and shake your head no.  

You talk. all. the. time.  You say, Ma-Ma, Da-Da, No-No, Hey, Bye, Uh-(but no oh), Book, and something that sounds like, That.  Every time you see something you want, you will point at it and say, "dat."  So, you pretty much say, "dat" all day long, because you want EVERYTHING!  Especially things that you are not supposed to have!  Your favorite off limits items are: cell phones, remote controls, water bottles, and anything with a straw (which you know how to use!)

You are a fickle eater because sometimes you will eat like a horse and other times you will just pick at your food.  I am almost ashamed to admit it, but you love you some chick-fil-a! 
 I'm afraid that you are going to take after your have a taste for french fries, chick-fil-a, and all things sweet - oh no!  Don't worry, I do throw some fruits and veggies in there for you, too.  I have yet to find a fruit that you do not have had apples, pears, bananas, watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew melon, and pineapple.  You are not as keen on your veggies, but you will eat them.  You like green beans, broccoli, green peas, black-eyed-peas, and corn.  You pretty much eat what we eat now (with a few exceptions....your Momma likes RoTel a little too much sometimes!) and your favorite meal is chicken and dressing.

You still have eight teeth, but we can see your molars right under the that will soon change!  You chew on everything, but your choice teething items are: shoes, your crib rails and your hairbows!  You have been to the pool a few times....I am determined to make you a waterbaby!  Each time you like it more and more, so hopefully in the next couple of weeks you will be turning into a little fish :)  
Your hair has turned even lighter since we've been outside this summer.  You have crazy cowlicks all over and one side of your hair constantly sticks out.  Somedays it is stick straight and other's it has some curl in it.  I'm sorry to tell you that you have a mixture of your Momma's and your Daddy's hair! :/
And your eyes, well, they are just as blue as ever!  
I never thought I would have a light headed, blue-eyed baby....but I don't mind it one little bit!  You still look just like your Daddy, but for now you are a Momma's Girl.  You love to snuggle up with me and give me sugars.  It is a hard adjustment for me to begin weaning you, I think it's much harder on me than it is on you!  I am thankful that I was able to nurse you for your first year of life - what a special, special bond we created!  The thing that I will miss the most about nursing you are the late night feedings (we call them the Tylenol PM check-ins).  I would go get you from your bed (after much screaming, crying, and carrying on) and carry you to our bedroom to nurse you.  After you nursed, you would fall fast asleep in my arms.  When I got up to carry you back to your bed, I would pass the mirror in our bedroom and see our reflection.  Your little head resting on my should, your arms and legs completely limp, dangling by your sides, and the most precious, peaceful face I've ever seen! 

As usual, I could go on and on and on about all the new things you are doing and all the ways that you are continuing to wrap us around your little finger!  Just know that we love you more than ever and we have had THE BEST year of our lives with you!  No matter how old you are Libbi Jane, you will always, always be my sweet baby girl! 
 I love you!!

"Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth."
1 John 3:18
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