Friday, June 25, 2010

Busy Week....

This has been the BUSIEST week!  In the past week, I have become an Aunt for the first time, celebrated my 28th year of life, become the mother of a ONE year old, hosted a first birthday party, and celebrated Jeffrey's first Father's Day - whew...I am one tired Momma!

I haven't posted anything on Libbi's birthday party yet, but I will.  I just haven't had time to sit down and collect my thoughts (And organize my pictures!)  Jeffrey got me a new laptop for my birthday - a MacBook Pro - woohoo!  So in my spare time, I've been fiddling with it trying to figure it all out....hopefully I'll get her birthday post up sometime this weekend.  We also went to the doctor for her one year check-up and I'll include her new stats, too!
We had a great time celebrating Father's Day with Jeffrey this year (even though he had to share his special day with my birthday!)  We gave him some new tennis shorts, a "guilt-free" round of golf, and Libbi made him a garden stone for our yard.  On Father's Day we also went and visited our new niece Blakeley.  She is soooo tiny and precious!  If she doesn't give you baby fever, I don't know what will!  Libbi did NOT like her Momma holding another baby.  I'm telling you, sweet girl threw herself on the floor and flopped around like a fish.  She pulled my hands and tried to climb into my lap.  She wouldn't even let Jeffrey hold her!  Yikes!  We tried to get a picture of the babies and their daddies for Father's Day, but they didn't quite turn out as planned.  I think it's pretty clear in these pictures how Libbi felt about Blakeley....hahaha....hopefully she'll warm up to her soon!
Libbi has come into her first year with full force.  That girl has been NON-STOP!  She is walking everywhere (and she thinks she can run, so she has what we call "yard sales" all the time....and in case you're not familiar with a "yard sale"'s when you fall down, spread eagle, and lose everything you own....)  She basically looks like a letter "X" on the floor, but it doesn't even phase her....she just gets right back up and keeps on going.

does this look like a guilty face, or what?!
She is about to cut her molars, so she has been really fussy.  Hopefully they'll break through in the next day or two and she'll have some relief (and so will I!)  She hasn't been sleeping well the past week or so, BUT....she HAS been napping!!!  Praise the Lord!!  Unfortunately, I've been so tired from the sleepless nights that I haven't been very productive during her naps.....I've been resting, too!  She woke up at 5:30 this morning, and she's now taking her first nap of the day - thank the Good Lord, because she was a PILL this morning! 
I'm hoping that this waking up in the night is just a phase??  She will go to bed like a dream (no pun intended).  We take a bath, read our books, say our prayers and then she goes down without so much as a peep.  But, then a few hours later she's awake and inconsolable.  The past few nights she's been up every 2-3 hours!  I'm hoping it's just been a combination of the shots she got this week and her molars cutting through.  I know I probably shouldn't, but I've just been so tired and she's been so upset, that I've been nursing her when she wakes up in the middle of the night.  Not such a great thing since we are supposed to be dropping feedings, not picking them up!  I was planning on starting to wean her this week, but now I am worried about what will happen if/when she wakes up in the night?!  Any suggestions/advice would be greatly appreciated! ;0)
I will try to finish up the one year/birthday post soon - I can't wait to share the pics from her party....they are so cute!  Have a great Friday!!
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