Friday, June 18, 2010

welcome to the world....

I am officially an AUNT!!!  Blakeley Grace made her debut into this world on Wednesday, June 16th. She is 6lbs 12oz of pure sugar....the kind that you could just eat with a spoon!
She gave her Momma quite the "workout", but I'm sure she was well worth the wait (and all the work!)

We arrived at the hospital and Libbi was just on pins and needles....
She quickly "came to" and began making herself at home in the waiting room.  Be warned...whenever Libbi is around, hide your cell phone, car keys, and/or purse.  Just a helpful little hint :)

We took a small break from waiting and practicing our excited faces.  Jeffrey and Libbi had a "Daddy Daughter Date" at the christian chicken (more on that in another post)
When we returned to the hospital, Blakeley was ready to meet her Aunt, Uncle, and cousin.
Blakeley's Daddy (my brother) led the think he looks a little happy?? ;0)

The remainder of the evening was spent crying, laughing, holding, and just full out lovin' on that sweet little baby! 

Welcome to the world Blakeley Grace....we love you!
....And watch out, cause this girl's got a thing or two she's been waiting to teach you....

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