Monday, July 12, 2010


we've been busy the past couple of days

libbi learned how to climb up on the sofa....not good.  i feel like i have to sit on the floor of my own house, because if i get up on the couch, she just wants to climb up next to me.  only she can't be trusted up on the couch, because she wants to run up and down it and hang over the arms.....
she was soooo proud of herself.
when she's not pacing, she just wants to chillax up there - what a stinker!

on friday, we had a playdate with some friends at the pool.  elsie, phoebe, and libbi had a great time sporting their monogrammed bathing suits. (and no, we did not plan this...we are all just momma's that love a labeled baby - ha!)

these pictures make me laugh, because libbi looks HUGE!  she is about 3 months older than phoebe and almost 6 months older than elsie.  isn't it funny how big of a difference a few months can make when they're this little?!
notice that elsie and phoebe are both calm, cool, and collected in these pictures while libbi is hot, red-faced, and sweating.  that could be because those two little darlings spent their time lounging in the pool and enjoying the cool water....while my sweet girl was more interested in walking laps around the pool, climbing on the lounge chairs, and stalking the other pool goers.  if i was even the slightest bit self conscious in my bathing suit, i had to get over that pretty quickly since i spent the majority of my time chasing after libbi and walking laps around the pool...

friday night we decided to show our cow appreciation at the christian chicken and dress up!  who knew that sooooo many people would actually take part in the cow costume festivities?  i guess i'm not the only one that will do anything for free chick-fi-a ;0)
while libbi was napping, i painted some black spots on one of her old onesies and a pair of her white socks.
while there were many, many cows present at chick-fil-a.... i can assure you, she was the only cow in black mary janes and pigtails ;)
we then made the trek up to chick-fil-a to parade our little cow to redeem ourselves some free chick-fil-a.  i am not exaggerating when i say that jeffrey and i were probably two of the only adults that were not dressed up like cows. (i even saw one mother with udders made out of latex gloves....i was so embarrassed!)
we ended up getting our food to go since chick-fil-a basically looked like a slaughter house with all those cows....there were no highchairs left and no where to sit inside the building!

saturday, libbi and i met my mom at the mall to try to find a bathing suit since our beach trip is quickly approaching.  of course, it always seems like when i'm actually shopping for something specific i can NEVER find it, but when i'm just "browsing" i can find EVERYTHING!  so, needless to say, no bathing suit for me from the mall (but my mom found three - ha!).  but, i still found a bathing suit online. my sweet blog friend, katie introduced me to this site and i ended up ordering a bathing suit from there...let's just hope it gets here in time! 

libbi has been exercising her opinions lately and has literally lost her ever-loving-mind in public quite a few times the past week.  i have been mortified and have tried to make quick exits each time, but it is a little difficult when i have a stroller, shopping bags, and a 25 pound dead fish of a baby to drag along.  i thought i would have another few months (at least) before these episodes started???  

....i guess this is just the stage we're moving into.  she is just as sweet as she can be (which i'm sure she gets from me), but she can be soooo headstrong (which of course, she gets from her daddy - hahaha) this girl wears me out, but i wouldn't have it any other way! ;0)

saturday night, my mom and dad (mimzy and buddy) came over to watch libbi while jeffrey and i went out with some friends.  we went to a mexican restaurant and had a great time until my mom texted me that libbi was having a slight meltdown. there were actually two texts sent my way. the first text said that libbi was melting down and the second text said, "your dad is in the floor having cramps" (at this point, my dad wants to make it clear that he was not "having cramps"...his legs were cramping...apparently there is a difference.) so we wrapped up our dinner and headed home (because of libbi, not my dad's cramps ;0) )

she was fine, just needed a little bit of momma's TLC.  we are still having a hard time with her sleeping habits.  she goes to bed perfectly - no crying, no fussing, she goes right down and falls asleep in no time.  but, every night she wakes up around 1am crying.  i've read everything i can think of, and have tried lots of different things, but nothing seems to work.  she has a clean diaper, a paci, her lovey, a blanket, etc.  she does not need anything.  when i let her cry instead of going to get her, she will literally cry for 2-2.5 HOURS...i am not exaggerating!  it is awful.  her bedroom door is closed, our bedroom door is closed, we turn off the monitor and we can still hear her loud and clear for hours.  it is torture, but i just don't know what else to do.  any suggestions are welcome :)

sunday we took it easy and cleaned up around the house.  jeffrey had to go out of town, so we just hung out together until he had to leave to catch his flight.  libbi took almost a four hour nap (no wonder since she was up for 2 1/2 hours the night before and STILL woke up at 6:30am!)  at least she has been napping well so we can both catch up on a little bit of sleep! we have a busy week ahead of us - consignment sales on monday, lunch with a friend on tuesday (i'm still debating on whether or not to rescind libbi's invite to this luncheon.  i am dying to catch up with this friend and libbi tends to control the conversation - ha!  so she may be left at home....we'll see...) wednesday, we are going to see miss courtney, austin, and brand new baby aiden...i can't wait!!! the rest of the week will be spent finishing up laundry and packing for our upcoming trip (it takes some serious planning to pack for a baby!)  and hopefully we will make a trip to visit cousin blakeley (*hint*hint*justin and mandie) because she is growing way too fast!  precious!!

hope you are having a great monday!

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