Monday, July 5, 2010

welcome home...

you may remember from this post when we lost a precious member of our family....lovey.

her loss was unexpected and not well received.  we mourned her greatly.

i searched high and low and finally found what might be a replacement.

we ordered the original lovey from restoration hardware almost a year and a half ago, so it was no surprise that it was no longer listed in their catalog or online when we needed to replace her.

after a few phone calls to customer service, we found what could be lovey's identical twin.  the sweet representative that helped me could only see part of the picture listed in the item description and since the item had been discontinued there was not too many identifying details.  we thought it could be close enough and at just $4.99, i was willing to take that chance.  so, i ordered the remaining three that were left and prayed for a miracle.

a few weeks later, this arrived on our doorstep:

libbi was on pins and needles....the anticipation was killing her!

we opened the box....and found....

not one, not two, but THREE LOVEYS!!!! (this momma ain't no fool...i learned my lesson the first time...always have a back-up plan (or two, or three...))

libbi was overjoyed!! 

she immediately started inspecting her lovey and getting reacquainted with her long lost friend....

it didn't take long before they were feeling comfortable with each other again.

ahem...really comfortable ;0)

she now had a partner in crime for her make-shift obstacle course....oh, joy.

they played hide-and-seek....


gave lots of loves and sugars....

a little bit of leap-frog

and just enjoyed being together like best friends do.

lovey is back and all is right with our world again.

welcome home, lovey! :)

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