Wednesday, August 18, 2010

30 day blog journal: day 18

Day 18: Our Wedding...
Here are some of my favorite pictures, with some of my favorite people, on one of my favorite days....

my handsome hubby-to-be....

before the big ceremony...

the bridesmaids

pre-ceremony prayer.  side note - everyone told me that i would probably not cry on my wedding day since i basically bawled through the entire rehearsal/rehearsal dinner. i guess they assumed that i had it all out of my system.....ummm....not so much! i definitely cried LOTS of HAPPY tears! :)

i love this next picture because you can see the back of my had buttons all the way down the back and a lace underlay. i LOVED my dress!  I found it in a magazine right after we were engaged and loved it from the very beginning.  I thought for sure once I saw it in person it would not be as perfect....because that's usually my "luck"....but I was wrong! It was the first dress I tried on and I knew it was the one for me!  We got it at Bridals by Lori (which is now the Atlanta location for "Say Yes To The Dress!").   Click here to see the ad that won me over ;0)  (which, by the way - why are the girls in the wedding dress ads always lounging on couches and/or looking really bizarre!?! )  

the vows...

the kiss! 

husband and wife!!

i love jeffrey's expression in this picture

the wedding party

my mom and dad, brother and sister, and sister-in-law (future S.I.L at this time)

the next set of pictures is from the reception....  

This is one of my all time favorites :)

love, love, love how happy jeffrey looks in this picture

another fave

the groom's cake


i like this picture because you can see the back of my dress when it was bustled.  

dancing with my dad - i think we were both pretty "cried out" at this point ;0)

off to the honeymoon...

I loved how worshipful and meaningful our wedding was.  I would get married all over again in a second!  We were married at 11 am and had a brunch reception and then we left and went straight to the airport for our honeymoon!  

Finally, my other favorite part of our wedding was the music!  This song is one of my absolute favorites that was sung at our wedding - it is another one that makes me cry every time :)

Mr. and Mrs. Tippins :)

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