Tuesday, August 3, 2010

a belated thank you....(and blog journal day 3)

Dear Mom, 
Thank you so much for giving me that Pampered Chef drink pitcher when Jeffrey and I got married. We have really enjoyed it and it seems to make our sweet tea taste better. 
And the lid that doubles as a "mixer" is such an added bonus! We had no idea how much use we would get out of it for years to come!

Dear Generous Friend, 
Thank you for purchasing those cute little baby bowls, spoons, and labels for us when we had our baby shower.  We are so glad we have them!  I'm sure Libbi would have been just lost without them!

Dear NaNa K, 
Thank you for the xylophone....Libbi loves it!  She has really taken an interest in music lately.

Dear Jeffrey, 
Thank you so much for agreeing to purchase Libbi her chair from Pottery Barn.  I am sure her birthday would have been incomplete without it.  lawd knows, without it, the poor child would just have no where to sit!

Dear Self, 
Thank you for purchasing those precious little bins to store all of Libbi's toys in.  What an ingenious idea!  It is so nice to have a place to keep all of her things together.

Dear Libbi, 
Thank you for helping me to realize that you do NOT need a play kitchen.....you seem to like my "real" one just fine.

And finally, today's 30 day blog topic: 
Favorite TV show - I blogged about my favorite shows not too long ago.  You can see that post here.
But suffice it to say, if it's on TV....I watch it.  If it's a reality show....I DVR it.  :)
Tomorrow's topic: Favorite Book

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