Tuesday, November 2, 2010

the joys of motherhood.....

When I went to get Libbi out of bed this morning (at 8:45!!!!) the novelty of her sleeping in quickly wore off when I discovered she had gotten sick during the night.  I felt terrible, because A) she never even cried or made a sound and B) it was just really gross. 

Apparently she threw up sometime in the early morning hours but decided not to let it interfere with her sleep or her love of moving from one end of her bed to the other.  It is hard to love on a sick baby when she's "wearing" her sickness.  

So.....I said good morning to a stripped down bed, stripped down baby, early morning bath, and a day full of anxiety over whether or not she'll get sick again and the possibility that she may or may not be contagious. While it was nowhere near the drama of the "carseat incident", it was still traumatizing (to me at least.....Libbi seemed to take it all in stride) ;0)

So far, she's been okay....just very puny and pitiful (and going on a 3.5hr nap).  Hopefully, when she wakes up she'll be feeling better!

On another note, I am in the midst of Christmas shopping and was wondering if y'all had any ideas/suggestions for what to get Libbi?  While we're not into "toy overkill" at Christmastime, we would like for her to have a few things that she'll enjoy playing with (not stuff that will just take up space and collect dust).  If you have any suggestions of toys, books, games, etc. that your 18 - 24 month old enjoyed, I would love to hear them!  

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