Wednesday, December 29, 2010

girl talk....2nd edition

I posted a couple of weeks ago about my highly entertaining phone conversations with my sister - Libbi's Aunt Missie.  She never disappoints with her topics of conversation, that's for sure.  We've had the pleasure of seeing Missie (aka Auntie Biotic, "AB") quite a bit recently because of the holidays and let me assure you that our face to face convo's are just as interesting :)

I thought I would share a few, just for memories sake :)

Over Thanksgiving dinner, my mom encouraged her (ha!) to tell the story of her friend, E. Missie was a little reluctant and kept insisting that it was a really gross story and she didn't want to tell it while we were eating.  Of course, being the well-mannered family that we are, we convinced her otherwise.  I'm imagining every gross thing I could possibly think of (including but not limited to throw-up and potty accidents) but, I can honestly say, I would have NEVER guessed where her story would go.....

AB:  So....I have this friend "E" and she was supposed to have surgery last week.
Me:  What kind of surgery?
AB:  She was going to have her tubes tied.  Well, she goes to the doctor, they put her to sleep and open her up.....and they weren't there.
Me: What wasn't there???
AB:  Her tubes.  The doctor searched and searched and just couldn't find them. (keep in mind that she is saying this in the most serious tone ever).
Me: What do you mean her tubes weren't there?  Isn't she a girl?
AB: Of course she's really a girl. The doctor just couldn't find her tubes.  That doesn't mean she's not a girl, Amy. (she's totally annoyed with me at this point and I am hysterical with laughter). E is just SO mad....she can't believe this happened to her. I mean, she had to not eat all day and be cut open and then they couldn't even find her tubes....

Who knows the real story behind all of this.  I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure the lines got crossed somewhere. :)  According to Missie though, the biggest disservice was not that "E's" tubes were was that she had to go almost 24 hours without eating. Apparently she's gonna find another (more capable) doctor and let him give it the old college try to locate those tubes. ;0)

One other fun conversation we had was when I told her we were pregnant with baby #2. Her response was, and I quote...."Good luck with that." (in a deadpan voice). Of course she's super excited and she adores being an Aunt, but she "just knows how babies can be" ;0)  Oh, how we love Auntie Biotic.
Stay tuned for the 3rd edition of Girl Talk....there's plenty more to share :)

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