Tuesday, February 22, 2011

20 questions....

A fun little game of 20 questions on this February 22nd....

1.  Is this person a girl? YES

2.  Does she weigh roughly 25 pounds and wear size 24 month clothing? YES

3.  Can she eat her weight in macaroni and cheese? YES

4.  Will she eat green beans, carrots, or any kind of peas?  NO
5.  Does she love to slide, swing and play outside SO much that she will completely lose her mind if she is asked to come in?  YES!

6.  Does she cry when she goes to school or the church nursery? NO

7.  Does she love to say, "ta-da!" and "woo-hoo!"? YES

8.  Is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (especially "Pete") one of her favorite shows? YES
9.  Does she make it through the day without pitching at least one fit? NO

10.  Does she have a mind of her own?  YES! (see #9)

11.  Is she very particular about what she will and will not wear (right down to the character that is on her diaper)? YES

12.  Does she ever refuse a snack? NO
13.  Does she enjoy getting dressed? NO

14.  Would she go naked every minute of every day if she could? YES (see #13)

15.  Can she take off her own clothes and diapers? YES (see #14)

16.  Are her favorite things to play with babies, puzzles, stickers, and her kitchen? YES
17.  Does she enjoy saying, "no!"? YES

18.  Does she have dance moves like you've never seen before? YES

19.  Has there ever been a cuter, sweeter, funnier, more joyful little girl? NO (at least not according to her momma and daddy!)

20.  Is this sweet girl Libbi? YES!!!
Happy 20 months baby girl, we love you! ;)

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