Sunday, May 8, 2011

being a mom....

In honor of Mother's Day, I thought I would share a few of my favorite "quotes" from the book, "1001 Things It Means To Be A Mom" and also share why I like them so much.... :)

"Being a mom means keeping every Mother's Day card in a special box and rereading them year after year."
I have saved all of mine (all two of them - ha!) but it is still sweet to look back on them and see the thought and love that went into them....they still warm my heart :)

"Being a mom means getting mad that your husband doesn't get upset about the same things you do."
.....of course, I would NEVER be upset that Libbi didn't have a bow in her hair for her school picture, that she had on the "wrong" shoes with a certain outfit, that her hair was parted in the wrong direction, that the boutique messed up her monogrammed outfit....., and then accuse Jeffrey of "not caring!" =-)

"Being a mom means feeling absolutely certain about your parenting principles. Until you have kids."
How many times did I say, "I would never let my child....." or "I don't believe in....." before I had Libbi?!?!  Too many.  I definitely thought I knew a whole lot more before I had a child of my own.  But, just like you have to find your niche in the corporate world or in society or in your circle of friends, you also have to find your niche in your role as a mother.

"Being a mom means realizing that even in the most expensive maternity clothes, you still look way pregnant."
All I can say is, "Amen."  The first time around, I thought the "expensive" clothes would help, but learned that was not the case.  This time, I've stuck with whatever works....or rather, whatever fits. :)

"Being a mom means praying not only for your newborn, but also for the husband or wife that God has picked for your child twenty-five years or so from now."
I pray all the time for the man Libbi will marry - that he will be a Godly man that loves the Lord and loves her as well....and that he will be prepared to handle the spitfire that she is sure to be! ;-)

"Being a mom means having your husband tell you you're starting to snore."
Or in my case, recording me because I didn't believe him.

"Being a mom means feeling sure that the ninth month of pregnancy is the worst thing that can ever happen to your body."
See posts titled "unexpected," "confessions...," and "timing is everything" and you'll know why I whole heartedly agree :)

"Being a mom means praying over your child while she sleeps."
Unfortunately, I used to be able to do this a lot more while Libbi was younger, but she is too aware of what's going on now.  But, there are still some days/nights when I can catch her in a deep sleep and you better believe I'm tiptoeing into her room to thank God for the blessing she is!

"Being a mom means being accused by your husband of spending too much money on baby things.  Men are weird that way."
story of my life.

"Being a mom means knowing fabulous clothes and possessions won't make a child happy or life meaningful."
Obviously, I love to dress Libbi in cute outfits and precious things, but I know that's not what matters in life.  I want nothing more than for her to know that her identity is not found in what she wears or the "stuff" she has, it is found in the unconditional love of our Savior.  Lord, help me to be an example of this for her! As my Nana always said, "pretty is as pretty does."  

"Being a mom means finding other mothers who will pray for you."
I am so blessed to be a part of small group that prays for each other, our children, and our marriages; and to have close friends that I know will pray for me in time of need.  There is power in the prayers of mothers!

"Being a mom means loving your husband even more after having children because of the love he has for them."
Jeffrey is Libbi's hero.  She loves nothing more than to play with her Daddy.  When she's scared or nervous, she knows that it's her Daddy that will "protect" her and that's who she runs to.  I know he'll be just the same with Baby Tippins.  As a sophomore in high school I had no idea what an amazing father the sweet boy taking me to prom would one day be, but I am forever thankful that the Lord gave me the opportunity to find out. :)

"Being a mom means suddenly thinking about your own childhood and marveling at how your mom did it."
So true!  Especially on the days when I feel stressed/tired/pulled in a million different directions and just downright frazzled....because I NEVER remember my mom acting like that.  I'm sure she had her days when she felt that way, but to me, it always seemed like she had it all together.  She never missed an opportunity to spend time with us and she was always "present" and let us know that there was no other place she'd rather be.

"Being a mom means knowing childhood ends, but motherhood never does."
My mom is still the first one I call when I'm hurt or sick.  She is my first phone call when I'm excited to share good news, or when I've had a bad day.  It is her advice and counsel that I seek in times of need.  When it comes down to it, sometimes you just want your momma. :)  I pray that one day, even when Libbi is grown (many years from now!!) that she will know that she can count on me, just like I can count on my mom!
me with BOTH of my babies :)
Happy Mother's Day!

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